Author: Tammy Brzeczkowski

Creative Marketing…The Golden Cork, Do You Have This in Your Marketing Plan?

I recently came upon a very creative marketing idea while literally sipping on some wine. As the story goes, we finished supper, and as I was putting the cork back into the bottle I noticed that there was something written on the cork itself. “You have found The Golden Cork. Call this number xxx-xxx-xxxx to redeem your prize” Almost like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the Golden Ticket. So, I called, and it was confirmed that I really had won an awesome prize. I had won a two night stay at the Shipwrecked Hotel in Door County, and...

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What’s a better shirt for the construction or automotive industry? Snag proof or Snag Resistant?

In my line of work, we deal with a lot of “hands on” people. For example; construction companies, electricians, tile contractors, plumbers, septic contractors, well drillers, manufacturers, landscapers, automotive repair technicians. Of these, many are owners/operators. You could say they wear many hats. They might be the sales person, the framer, the accountant and even the maintenance person in addition to everything else they do. So, in many instances, they need logo’d shirt that is both durable and professional. They need is a shirt that doesn’t snag or easily damage. First, let’s talk about what a snag is or how it occurs. Most times,...

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The Ultimate Sales Machine, my Bible.

I just finished reading the book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine”, by Chet Holmes. I highly recommend this book for anyone in business or sales. Definitely 5 stars plus. I stumbled upon the book through a podcast that I listened to through Entreleadership, where Chet Holme’s daughter, Amanda Holmes was interviewed. It was an amazing and inspiring podcast. As of late, I’ve been looking for assistance with our sales process. The Ultimate Sales Machine has jumped started me in the direction that I needed to go. It is going to be my “go to resource”, my sales bible as I lay...

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