First you should determine if the QR Code is a good fit for your small business. Its a growing trend, but there are many people who still don’t know what they are and how they work. This 2D bar code can be scanned by any smart phone with the downloaded scanning software. The bar code carries information that can automatically direct the user to a specified website.

1. Put your QR Code on your business card.  To keep your business card simple and clutter free, create the code to direct your customers to your website and social media profiles.


2. Likewise with the rest of your professional stationery.

3. Get likes and followers. Have the QR send the user to a mobile landing page that allows them to easily like your business.


3. T-shirts. Print up some of these walking billboards for your employees.

4. Labels. Put a QR code on your merchandise label that customers can learn more about your product, ingredients, or company.
5. Edible Advertising. Here’s a neat idea, as a give away, who wouldn’t give this QR code a scan before they enjoyed this delicious idea!
6. Get them calling.  QR codes can also make phone calls! Create a code that will automatically dial a predetermined number, it can also send SMS text messages!
7. Promotions. Have your QR code link to a special discount or promotion, for QR users only! OR work with other local businesses to provide a scavenger hunt of specials!
8. Promotional Products. Advertise your business with promo items. Place your code to send users directly to your website.