Are you one of the 42% of small businesses in the United States that have FACEBOOK page? If you are great, you are on the right track.

Here are five tips for you to consider that may increase your FACEBOOK statistics, or just increase your company’s visibility.

1) Don’t post during the work day, if possible – 10 am to 4 pm – that’s when most people aren’t listening or looking. Try before or after those hours, and see if the statistics are better.

2) End your post with a question? Typically, when ending with a question; the post seems to get more responses.

3) If you want to drive your customers to your website; add that url link to your post. It’s easy, and you’ll get people to check out your website too.

4) Keep things light, fun and positive. No hard selling.

5) Post variety…it doesn’t all have to be business related. It can be a great recipe, tip, photo…just about anything. Remember, everyone is different. You might get someones attention with a coupon? or maybe a photo? or maybe a great quote? Diversify.

So, before you post again on Facebook…remember these great tips…and test them out. Depending on your type of business or organization…it just might help give your business the leverage it needs.