As a sales person, selling is a tough cookie at times. However, it can be an easy bake if you think about it.

At least twice a week, I find myself in the kitchen, baking with my boys – their favorite, chocolate chips cookies…a recipe that I have memorized.  Baking to me is a little bit of a stress reliever, but when you think about it…baking cookies is like selling in a sense.

What you want to do is entice your potential customer. I do this a lot by dropping off flyers and special little trinkets to a lot of my customers and potential customers. Just getting myself in the door…kind of like the smell of cookies, who can resist getting something for free right? It just smells right.

Remember no one likes an unannounced sales person just popping in, but if you have something good, they’ll let it go. On average it takes at least 8 to 10 contacts before you may get a sale. So, a warm fuzzie is an easy way to get that first contact with your client.

Once your batter is complete, and the cookies are in the oven baking, it’s just a matter of time, right? After that first contact, keep in touch with your client…by email, phone, note card, postcard or a visit…mix it up a little bit. Just like baking, the correct ingredients, mixed just right, will produce a great cookie. In sales, the right ingredients will produce a great relationship. In time, a great client.

Happy Selling…or should I say Baking?

Sales Tip for Sweet Success –  Whatever you are selling…try dropping off some home-made treats, another great way to get in your client’s doors. They’ll remember that kind act forever. A taste they will not forget.

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