It seems as though Facebook is what we do to push our business. It’s inexpensive, easy to use and it works.  And as a business, we use it not only to drive people to our website, but to our store front.

Lately, I seem to pay closer attention to posts that are “different”.  For example: I have an individual that is a travel agent, she’s really been mixing it up. One of her posts might be of vacation photos, one might be the history of a neat place to visit, one might be a “special promo” that she has going on, or even a question on your favorite place to visit. Variety is what seems to get me to read the posts. And all of her posts are relevant to her business.

What I’m not excited about are the same type of posts, from the same individuals – To be honest, its posts like these that I just pass by. To give you an idea of what I mean, I have “Grocery Store A” post almost every day –  a deli special. It’s nice to know…but give me something more, if you know what I mean. How about a quick-fast recipe I can make for supper tonight…I just might stop at your store and pick up some groceries. Or maybe you’re having a brought fry at lunch time to help benefit a non-profit organization. Again mix it up…diversify to help your posts get read and your business obtain sales.

So if you are using Facebook right now and haven’t seen much success, try something different. Literally, change it up and watch your “likes” become customers. And remember, customers drive your business. So, start posting, what have you got to lose?