Statistics show that on average it takes 6-8 contacts, to make a sale in business. Think about it, day in day out, you advertise your business. It may be newspaper, or radio, direct mail or social media. Day after day, week after week, are you doing the same thing?

I challenge you this week to spice it up a bit. Increase your chance to make that sale. Remember every time someone sees your company name or logo, or hears about you, that is considered a “contact” in my book, and increases your chance of making a sale.

Here are some marketing ideas that we have started in our business, that might spark an idea for yours:

  1. Promote or sponsor a trip. We recently did this in conjunction with a travel company. Because of the fact that our business, is in Pulaski and we have ties to the country of Poland, we are helping promote a “Trip to Poland”. This is something totally out of our realm, vacationing. But, we know how to promote, and that is what we will focus on.
  2. Advertise within another company. This is a great idea. We are working on a project with a restaurant that is a client of ours. We are providing “coasters” with our company information on that will be used in the establishment. Not only will we gain exposure for our company, but we are providing our client with product at no cost to them, growing our relationship with them, and adding “value” to our business.
  3. Create a community event. Creating an event, for example, we are promoting the “founder” of our village, and are asking other businesses to get on board with us and offer specials, coupons and deals on this particular day. The more businesses that participate, the bigger the event will be, and it will get our community excited as well.
  4. Samples sell, so give them away. We are a promotional company so what we provide are “self promos”. We’ll put our company name on a new product, and deliver them to our clients and potential clients as an “advertising idea” that they can use. We can also provide “case studies” and how to use these products. Our clients are always looking for ideas, so why not give them ideas. Years ago, I remember a restaurant that came at least once a month and delivered fresh baked goods and samples of their product for our employees. A fantastic plan, in addition they handed out coupons to get us in their doors.
  5. Start a Facebook Group. The fact is that social media is not going away, so why not embrace it. Think about your business and how your could begin a facebook group that might add value and promote your company at the same time. We have a promotional company, so we have started a group for our clients and potential clients, called “BOOM”, which stands for Business Opportunities, Offers and More. We will be provided our clients with educational opportunities for their success through our facebook group. And at the same time, it will bring us that extra exposure that we need to grow our sales.

Again, just a few ideas that could potentially help your business in getting that extra “contact”, and build relationships. So, this week, adventure out of your “solar system” into another, and see what the universe has in store for you.

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