In business, it’s all about relationships. From relationships, you gain trust. From trust you gain a loyal client. From a client you create a sale. With more sales, you have the potential to increase your profit. In any business situation, the customer ultimately determines if you make or break the sale. So, what is most important? It is your relationship with them, right?

Here are some great relationship building tools for you, that don’t have to cost a lot if money, but do take a little of your time. A small investment of your time into a relationship could mean a customer for life. A customer for life, in my eyes has the highest priority in business, especially if you are in it for the long haul. So, take a look at these simple ideas for your relationship building:

Write a handwritten note. Have you ever received a hand written note card, or birthday card from someone, from a business? I have, and the feeling you get is… wow! What an easy way to create or continue a relationship. Even when I interviewed for a position within a company as a young adult, I have always written a follow-up letter; and it paid off in many cases where I received the position. Today, as a business owner, I am the interviewer, and know that an employee that follows up with a note card, surely deserves a chance at a position within my company. Why? Because they took the time to create a relationship, to get me to know them.

Join a social media outlet. Facebook or any social media ( pick one to start) is a simple and free tool. It’s a great way to stay in contact, create awareness, and create that personal touch that your client needs.Take the time to create a business page for your business. A few tips to remember with Facebook:
1) Don’t always focus on selling.
2) Ask questions so that you involve your audience.
3) Post whenever you have something to share.
4) Be positive. Positive energy travels fast and creates a good feeling, a warm fuzzy.

Share information. This is one of my favorites. I am always sharing information that I think might be of value to a client or potential client. It may be a seminar that I think would benefit them, or an interesting article, or even a special event or idea. Whatever it may be, I am always thinking of my clients.

With my information that I share, I prefer to deliver the message in person, so they can see and feel my excitement I have for them.
So, there you have it. Three simple tools to stay in touch with your client, add value to your business and maintain or create that special relationship.

One final note, individuals buy from people they know and like. The key to your business success is to maintain that connection, and when your client is ready to buy guess who they call first? Yes, you.

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