When someone wishes you a “Happy Birthday” or you get a card in the mail on your birthday, it just feels good doesn’t it? I remember, my fortieth birthday, I received a birthday card from my financial advisor (it was the only card I received that year), and thought “wow!” I couldn’t believe it, of all people to receive a card from, my financial advisor, pretty impressive.

Recently, I received a coupon for a local restaurant, wishing me a Happy Birthday, and 20% off my next dine-in with them. What a great feeling getting that card in the mail! Customer for life? Certainly a possibility.

As a retail business owner, we’ve measured success with our Happy Birthday program. For all of our preferred customers we send out a simple happy birthday postcard that includes a “call to action” on it. Whether it is to bring in the postcard to receive 20% off one item in our gift shop, or to stop in to receive a special gift…it works! Our customers come in, excited and ready to purchase. And, best part of all, it’s inexpensive!

In addition to our postcards, we use “Facebook”, a social media outlet, to wish our customers a great birthday. In this way, “Facebook” acts like a referral program for us. People see who are clients are, and the fact that we are wishing them well, leaves a good feeling with all who see the post. And “Facebook” is free, what more could you ask for.

Bottom line… Happy Birthday works in sales. It creates a “wow” for your clients and potentials customers, and the frosting on the cake is that you are strengthening a relationship with your customer…who may turn out to be a customer for life. So…start baking up a birthday program today, and watch your sales rise!