Sales are what drives your business right? How can you obtain more sales? The number one trait that can help bring your company sales….is listening.

According to author Brian Tracy, in “The 100 Absolutely unbreakable Laws of Business Success” book, the number one trait that successful salespeople have is the ability to listen.

Tracy classifies it as “the 70/30 rule.” They listen 70 or more percent of the time, 30 or less percent of the time they talk. In fact, most successful sales persons are introverts, low-keyed and friendly.

My first example that I can remember of a sales representative not listening, was when I was twenty, and wanting to purchase my first car.  As excited as I was, my first experience at a car dealership was not what I had expected.

The sales person, who was a friend of our family, thought he knew what I wanted for a car. He never asked me what type of a car I wanted, what color, the shape, if mileage mattered, nothing. And…he was pushy, and basically talked himself right out of a sale by not listening to my wants or needs. I’ve never gone back to the car dealership, nor will I. He lost a customer for life, just by not listening.

So, think about it. Are you truly listening to your clients or potential clients? Are you asking questions, getting answers, solving solutions? Take the time to listen. Listening builds trust in a relationship. And as I have said before, sales are all about relationships.

Start today…get comfortable with silent sales situations. Remember, if the client feels you care about them and their company, you’ll have more of an advantage over your competition, and your sales will soar!