Think of the new year, as a new beginning, a fresh start for your business. Don’t know where to begin?

I like to begin with ideas and thoughts, a brainstorming session. Whether its by yourself, or with a partner or employees.  Start by brainstorming. It’s a great way to gain new ideas and thoughts. I personally love to search the internet for ideas as well.

Once you have your ideas, set goals for the year that you want to accomplish with your marketing. Determine what you are going to spend (budget) and how you are going to market your business. What are you going to do. Then, work your way back. Determine how you are going to meet your goals each month, each week.

Did I mention, write down your goals? Make sure to write these down, it will make you more accountable. With our marketing plan, we meet each week, and put a “to do” list together for everyone involved. At the end of the week, we determine if the tasks have been completed. Then we determine what we are going to do for the week ahead, and start it all over.

Whatever you do, make sure you do it. Be consistent each week. Write down your goals. Make sure you are accountable, and that your marketing goals are being completed. Doing something, is better than doing nothing, right?

Here is another great link to get you started with your marketing plan. Now just do it!