Every Door Direct Mail – Printing & Processing

About EDDM
EDDM is a cost effect way to deliver your message to an entire area of your choosing. EDDM is carried through the United States Postal Service for a low rate. You choose the zip code and routes you would like to reach and mail for as little as 14¢ per piece.

Standard Sizes for EDDM

EDDM requires a size that is different than their standard size mail pieces. The flat mailing piece MUST be MORE than 11.5″ in length OR more than 6.125″ in height. And LESS than 15″ in length OR 12″ in height. We print several standard sizes for you to choose from:

• 6.5 x12 • 6.5 x 9  • 8.5 x11 • 8 x10 • 8 x 6.5 • 9 x 11 • 9 x 12

Why is EDDM good for you? 

Processing Services

We can design it & print it. But we can also do a lot more! For $25 per 1,000 pieces Dynamic Designs will fill out required paperwork, count, bundle and *deliver to up to 2 local post offices.
*Within 25 miles of Pulaski, WI or there will be additional standard shipping fees.
Contact Dynamic Designs Unlimited for more information. http://www.dynamicdesignspulaski.com