How We Embroider

Below we will take you step by step through our embroidery process. With the special equipment we have at Dynamic Designs, we are able to produce quality embroidery with a fast turn around time.

1. The first step in to send the digitized file to the computer controlling our embroidery machines. Pictured is a computer image of what is being embroidered in this example. 

2. First we assemble the supplies we need. For this example we have a shirt. We also need the correct size hoop, a piece of backing or interface, and thread.whatyouneed

3. Hooping the garment: We put the bottom part of the hoop with interface on the underside of the item being embroidered.hoop_bottom

4. Then, we fit the top part of the hoop in the middle of the bottom piece.hoop_top

5. By reaching under (or flipping over, if able) we can then tighten the bottom hoop, while making sure the item is smooth and flat. tightenhoop_tool

6. Next, we place it onto our embroidery machine by sliding it into place until the hoop locks in place.lockhoop

7. After the hoop is properly in place, we turn the machine on and retrieve the data for the embroidery file by using the arrow keys to select the file.machine

8. Before we start, we enter the specific thread colors that are going to be used, and designate the start point, or, where the needle will start.startpoint

We want to make sure the image is centered and that it will fit within the hoop, so we run a series of tests and adjust our settings as needed.

9. At this point we will move forward and start the embroidery.start

10. This image shows the embroidery in progress.inprogress

11. When the embroidery is complete, we remove the hoop from the machine, remove the shirt from the hoop, remove the interface and trim away the tread ends.


12. After the shirt is delinted and folded…delint

13. …It is packaged, labeled and ready for you to pick up!package

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