What are the TOP 5 promotional products?

There are many promotional product choices when it comes to effectively promoting your business.  Consider some of these for your next promotional item!

1.  Pens are the most popular promotional item for having the minimum cost and maximum utility.  A simple promotional pen can start as low as $0.15. 

2.  Bags – Whether it’s a carrier bag, a durable tote or a holdall, there’s no limit to the amount of advertising a bag can bring.  Your logo will travel far on a bag.

3.  Mugs are incredibly useful and always welcomed as a gift.  Consider mugs for vendor or customer gifts.

4.  Umbrellas also serve a purpose.  The owner of the umbrella may not be looking at your logo as they use it but the passerby will get a direct look at your logo.  

5.   USB Drives are a great way to combine branding and technology.  Add your logo to the USB and it would be a great promotional item for technology users on the go. 

Dynamic Designs can help you customize these products and more!
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