Do you ever feel overwhelmed in business? You have so many things to do, you don’t know what to do first? Maybe you feel like you are just putting out fires. Interruptions non stop. Phone calls from every sales person on earth, just trying to sell you something. Well folks, this was my week this week. Besides taking a bubble bath, here is something else you can try to make your life a little more less stressed, and more organized.

It’s called the WUNDERLIST app, and its free. An app for organizing your tasks, at home at work anywhere. You can create deadlines, and add reminders, make notes, upload a file, you can even highlight the important tasks…and when you’ve completed them, cross them off your list.

Tip #1: Everyday, highlight six of the most important tasks to do, put them in order and complete them in the order you put them. (Worst is always first!) Tip #2: Give yourself one hour at the end of the day to organize your list for the next day. Believe me, you’ll get things accomplished. It’s a great tool to help you with your business, marketing, sales, and your life in general. You’ll Wonder Why you didn’t try the WUNDERLIST app out sooner.