When you are looking for a little inspiration, or maybe a little creativity? Why not pull together your organization for a brainstorming session? As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”, and isn’t that right?

We’ll it’s Friday, and to be honest I was looking for some ideas on how to come up with a marketing plan for two potential clients. I was looking for inspiration, and maybe a little different take on things. So pizza it was for lunch, and we created a working lunch! It was awesome, and I got some great ideas from everyone.

purpletanlogo_480x300So, the next time you are “stuck” creatively, ask for help. And who better to ask for help than your own people. Find a time that works for everyone, have lunch catered in and the ideas just start falling to the table. It’s a casual, it’s comfortable, it can be extremely creative and conversational!