As I left my one of my favorite grocery stores today, Festival Foods, I thought to myself “why do I shop there?” And “how can I apply this to my own business in retaining my clients?”

There are several reasons I shop at Festival Foods. The first reason I keep going back, friendly people. Everyone that works at Festival Foods goes out of their way to say “hi”. The store is clean, produce is fresh and it’s easy to shop and get around. So, the number one reason, I always seem to have a pleasant shopping experience. So, think about your customers, are they getting a pleasant experience every time they walk through your doors?

What else brings me back to shop at Festival? I would have to say their weekly and in-store promotions.  Of course the coupons bring me back. And every once in awhile, on my receipt, if I fill out an online form, I get 5% back the next time I shop. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget, bring your own recyclable bags and get an additional 5¢ off per bag, and save on the environment too. It seems that Festival Foods, in whatever they do, they focus on bringing the customer back.  Think about what promotions can you can give your clients that will help bring them back.

Lastly, it may sound a little weird, but when I shop, I take my time and sometimes have a coffee in my hand. At Festival Foods, the carts have drink holders. I also remember when I was pregnant the special parking spots for expectant mothers. I used them every time. Oh, and one more thing, Tot Spot, mothers can bring their children into the Tot Spot while they shop. So, convenience would be another reason I shop at Festival Foods. Is your business convenient to your customers, think about location, hours or however else you can be convenient to your clients.

So, reasons why I return to my favorite shopping spot time after time? 1) Pleasant shopping experience, 2) Promotions and 3) Convenience. Now, how can you apply these reasons to the success of your own business?