Have you ever thought that when you are handing out your business card, that this card could be the winner? We’ll it could be. Think of your business card as a lottery ticket. You have a chance of winning. Every time you hand out your business card, you get another chance of winning more business or a new customer, which means SALES to you.

I can’t take credit for this business idea. It’s a great concept, given to me by one of our clients, who does chroming. Custom Plating Specialists, a company out of Brillion, Wisconsin. The business attends car shows all over the United States, throughout the year.  Owner, Terry Meetz, says “I just never know when I’m going to win big with one of my lottery tickets.”

Terry was recently telling me about a particular show that he attended. It wasn’t a big show, but he won big. Shortly after the show, a business client that he talked to gave him a huge order, with potential for more. BINGO! He hit the lottery with one business card, one ticket!

So, next time you attend a business meeting, an expo, or meet someone on the street, don’t forget to hand out your lottery ticket. Your business card could potentially be your winning ticket to your next big client, and increased sales for your company.

P.S. To increase your chances at this lottery, just hand out more business cards.