In business, we have a lot of tools for increasing sales. Let’s add this one to the mix; play a game. It may sound a little crazy, but just think about it. When your kids are playing a game, for example; the XBOX, they are engaged, they are having fun, and they are out to win! Or it may be a friendly (or not so friendly with my boys) game of football. When you think about your business, your employees need to be engaged too. They need to have a little fun – and winning is a goal they can strive for. Not so crazy after all is it?

In our business, one of our goals is to increase our sales by 15% each month.  The question you need to ask is, what actions can your employees do that will help create more sales? There are many for us. We know that just by calling our clients from time to time, might generate a sale. We also make it a point to send out email blasts, and know for a fact that sales are generated through this as well. With potential clients, we create an embroidered hat sample, and meet with them to show them what we can do for them, and also show them the quality of our work. This generates sales as well. Networking at business events. The list goes on.

So, it’s simple, and it can make work fun, while at the same time increasing sales. Give points to each action, the harder the action, the more points. Creating an google doc sheet that each individual can use to add up their points each week is what you need to do. Weekly stats can be provided, as well as challenges during the week. For example, send an email out to employees for the person that makes the most contacts by phone during the week be entered in a drawing to win a $25 gas card for that week.

Individual competition is great, but make sure that you divide everyone into teams too, with a TEAM PRIZE. For example; the team that wins gets a dinner at a local establishment. That way everyone is really working together, helping each other out, working for a TEAM goal. In the end, the company wins as well.

Who says you can’t play games at work. Make work a game. Make sure you have an end date to every game you play, you don’t want it to go on forever – people get bored, especially me. Think about your company goals, and what actions can help you meet your goals. Keep it simple, keep it fun, and just play the game.