The wave of the future is social media. Dynamic Designs Unlimited, LLC can help you create a social media plan for your business. What’s even better is we can set-up your social media site, and help you manage it by creating posts for you. We can help drive customers to your website using social media. The industry is constantly changing, leave it up to Dynamic Designs to stay on top of these technological changes.

facebook     FACEBOOK

Who isn’t on Facebook these days? If you want to reach people where they are –
Facebook is a good place to start! While considered a micro blog you can share
quite a bit of content with your fans! Share photos, videos, links, related articles
and interact with the public!


Pinterest is one of the top social media sites for driving traffic to your website.
On Pinterest you can create boards of interest in your related industry. You will
be the go-to resource for great ideas and ‘how to’ tips! And when they can’t do
it themselves, they’ll come to you!

linkedin      LINKED IN

LinkedIn is dedicated to business and professional networking.

Print     TWITTER

Twitter is a micro blog which allows you 120 characters to interact with your

houzz     HOUZZ

Houzz, much like Pinterest, allows consumers, designers and contractors alike
to create inspiration boards for their future projects. If you are in the industry of
home construction or home improvement being active in a social community
dedicated to your clients is a great place to be!

google_plus     GOOGLE +

Google + is an up and coming social network. It works much like facebook
and a great feature of this media is that your information and your recent pictures
will be featured in Google when your business is searched.
If you are looking for an idea on what would be the best social media for your company, look at your customers or potential clients. What are they using for social media? Find out where your customers are, and that is where you want to be.


Call us today, we can help you set up your social media plan, and train you on how to use it. We can create a presentation for you and your employees to help reach your clients, and your full potential on the web. 920-822-4450. Find out more about our on-site training and subjects we can help you with.
We also offer a social media plan. For a small monthly fee, we will maintain your social media, 3 – 5 posts per month on your chosen social network. Additionally, experienced in Facebook advertising. Call to find out more, 920-822-4450.