This graphic is a plan and starting prices for the four most popular website choices. Each client will receive their own custom quote/proposal that will specify any additional options that the individual may need.

We utilize WordPress for our CMS (Content Management System) which means if you need to be able to edit your website yourself or would like to include a blog in your site, we would develop your site to be run by WordPress.

Do you need to sell products on your website? We partner with Shopify to provide a really exceptional online store. Although, this is not our only solution for E-Commerce sites, if you have a lot of products and/or categories to manage, it is certainly the best option!

We now offer a brand new SEO package called “SEO Cleanup & Report” with this service we will review your current listings, suggest changes, delete or report competing listings (listings that have been set up in your business name that compete with your actual maintained listing), and also create or update 5 important listings, as needed.

Google Apps
We work with Google Apps for Business and can help you get set up to run your business emails through a google platform. Google Apps charges a monthly rate per user but you also get use of all of Google’s applications under your business login. (Google Calendar, Google Drive, YouTube, Google + (which drives your google listing), and more!

Social Media
All of our website design plans include a Facebook set-up. With Facebook being the number 2 search engine, your company cannot afford to not have at least a presence on Facebook.  To remove the stress, we also offer monthly plans to help you maintain your new Facebook page!

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