I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone that came out for our Free Friday this morning. Even as the person leading the presentation, it’s amazing how much you still learn as you go. The conversation is always lively and it’s a great way to start my day.

Now here is a re-cap of the topics discussed this morning.

First and foremost, with the recent updates in the Facebook world, be sure your page is listed as a Local Business with a category of Professional Service or Business Service. Facebook will get ya if you are listed as anything more specific and won’t allow you to utilize all the custom features it has to offer.

Now, let’s get into the meat and potatoes. 

Create a call to action button right at the top of your page that will direct people to your website, email or call your business.

Don’t let your services get lost in your “about” section. By listing your business as a Professional service as I had mentioned earlier, you have the option to add your services with a description, price and images.

Now for those of you who attended today’s seminar, here is the information regarding Response to Messages. A few pieces of important information. In order to edit how your response time is viewed, you must be a page Admin. The only way you can get the badge put on your page is if you have visit your page at least once a week, and

have at least a 90% response rate to your messages. The more private messages, the better!

Only on the admin side can you see the response percentage.

The Photo Carousel is currently my new favorite feature.

Enter in the webpage you are looking to direct traffic to. Next choose your photo option. Whether you use the images pulled from the website, or you upload your own image. Each different image will be a separate link to the same webpage.

Other great features include:
Notes Redesigned
Video and Timed Profile Pictures
Expressive emoji’s
Adding a video and slideshow
Facebook Canvas for Mobile Ads
Facebook Live

Coming soon!
Facebook for the vision impaired
Facebook M
360 degree video’s

Please don’t hesitate to send me an email or schedule a meeting with me to go over how Facebook can benefit your company directly. Facebook is ever-changing and often very confusing, don’t get discouraged! We’re here to help!