What I learned this week…

I wanted to post something simple and useful for all you Facebookers! Facebook is now the number two search engine. You can literally find anything on Facebook and if you haven’t tried the search bar, I recommend it! I often go on Facebook to search recipes for dinner – with AMAZING results, including those really simple videos with the movie magic that chops a whole carrot faster than you can snap your fingers.


When you come across a post that you like, whether you want to save it because it’s interesting or you just want to read it later – there’s another option than sharing it to your page. While it may be detrimental to our business, (because of course we want you to share our posts!), Facebook can sometimes get bogged down with “oversharing.” That may just be my opinion, but I’ve heard it come out of the mouths of so many people I know. Maybe if we start saving the posts we like, and sharing the posts we genuinely love and want everyone else to love too, we can make a difference in our overall Facebook experience.

So here it is… How to save posts in Facebook.

Step 1 : Click the caret

Whether you are viewing Facebook on your desktop or mobile, all posts have a down caret icon in the top right corner, if you click or press this icon you will be given a list of options that you can do with the post. Depending on the “type” of post, you will find the option to “save post” or “save product”  or “save link”


Step 2: Choose “Save Post”


That’s it, that’s literally it.

But wait, how do you access your saved posts? That is just as easy.

On the desktop…

Look under your favorites on the left sidebar, under your name, for the blue icon with the ribbon that says “Saved”

On the phone…

Click the “More” icon in the bottom right corner and look for the blue icon with the ribbon that says “Saved”

There you will find all of your saved posts. The desktop version of this will also let you filter out your saved posts based on the type, which will really come in handy once you have a lot of posts too look through and you want to find something you saved a while ago.

How do you think you will use this? What types of posts do you want to save? Comment below.