It dawned on me yesterday as I was proofing a website on-line, that not everyone can write copy for their website. They may know a lot about their business. They know their products, services and customers better than everyone; however if you can’t get that message across professionally you loose credibility with your readers. Here are reasons why your website copy should be written by a professional.

1) Copy is written for SEO. When professionals write copy for websites, they understand and can research keywords that will help with search engine optimization, getting your site to the top of the search engines. Not only that, professionals can identify those keywords and put them into the content where it needs to be for great SEO. Finally, professionals are always keeping up with research and technology changes. In the event, there is a major shift in the search engines, professionals are able to adjust copy to match what “google” and the search engines are looking for.

2) Copy is written professionally. Sometimes, readers will not see small errors in your website; however your readers will loose credibility with you as a company if things don’t sound or read right. A professional will keep in mind, grammar, punctuality, simplicity and accuracy. Professionals also know what person to write it in, first, second or third person. They understand what tense to write it in; present or past. Your business’s credibility is worth a lot, good copy writing goes a long way.

3) You are too close to your business. Professionals know how to write copy so that your users will understand who you are. I will not argue that you don’t know your business, but do you understand how to write copy for potential clients? Most clients are not at your level. Are you keeping things simple, or are you using words that only your industry uses? When writing copy you have to think about your target market. It’s not what you want in a website, it’s what your clients want.

Our accountant at Pinnacle Consulting is always preaching to us; in business, you need to do what you do best, and hire out the rest. That is when you will make money. You’ll find by doing this, you have everyone on board, doing things effectively and consistently for the success of your company. So take a look at your website; better yet ask your current clients what they think of your website? And if the need arises, you may need a copywriter, and that is where Dynamic Designs Unlimited, LLC comes in handy. Here’s a link to a free marketing consultation for your business.  Fill out the form, and then we can talk business success together.