Getting the upper hand on your competitors nowadays is not an easy task. However, I believe that by building relationships with your clients, you are closing that gap between you and your competitor. If you aren’t creating a client that is loyal, your competition will. Creating a client for life, a loyal client is the key in business.

There are a lot of ways that you can build a relationship with a client. It’s not just calling upon them every month to see if they have a need for something. It’s not just asking them to buy. I’m talking about adding value to your business, so that your clients don’t second guess who to go to when they need to buy your service or product. How can you add value to your business? I’m glad you asked. Here are five things you can do to help gain clients for life:
  1. Give something away. Yes, it’s that simple. Since we’re are in the promotional products industry, we love giving away products that we sell. Sometimes we produce a product with our  clients logo on it, sometimes our own. Either way, it works. By handing out these gifts, we are adding value. Sometimes we are giving them new unique ideas, sometimes a useful tool, and sometimes it’s just something fun. It’s creating value and a warm fuzzy feeling. You’ve all heard the say “The more you give, the more you receive.”
  2. Put on an educational seminar for FREE! This is a great opportunity for you to bring more value to your clients, and potential clients. Share information with them that will help them. Think about your target market, and how you might be able to help them. By sharing this information people will come to know you as the experts in your field. As an example, this year we deemed 2016, “The year of education”. Every last Friday of the month, we host a seminar on a different marketing topic, for free. Our subjects have been on google drive, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn for business, EDDM’s (Every Door Direct Mailers), email marketing and more. It’s been an awesome experience for our clients and us as well.
  3. Send out a newsletter. I’d like to add, that you need to keep it simple too, and make sure that your newsletter fits your target client. Ask yourself, “what would my ideal client like to read about” or “learn about”. Then provide your expertise, experience, story, joke or even a quick recipe. Once in a while, I like to provide a book review relating to entrepreneurs or business owners.
  4. Start a podcast. Okay, I’m telling you, podcasts are amazing! I have couple of specific podcasts that I love to listen too. One in a particular is “Delivering Marketing Joy” by Kirby Hasseman. Kirby provides great business tips with such a positive attitude. I listen to him while I’m brushing my teeth, driving my car or having a cup of coffee at work. I look forward to listening to his podcasts, and he’s added value to me with his knowledge and experience. He’s even inspired me to start researching on “how to do a podcast.” I would love to be able to help people like Kirby does.
  5. Blog/Write Articles. Think about it. What could you write about that would help potential clients or your regular target audience? Could you provide a “How to Blog”, or a “Tip of the Week”? What are questions your clients ask you, that maybe you could answer in a blog?Remember, you are in business for a reason. Share your knowledge, become the expert that your target market is looking for. This is one of my favorite areas of adding value. I believe that by educating our clients about marketing, they are going to be able to make better business decisions, and hopefully those business decisions will involve our company.
So business friends, think about your business, and how you are building it. Are you just pushing your products and services? Or are you creating those lasting relationships? Are you adding value to your business or yourself as an expert? If you’re aren’t, you might want to think about ways that you can. It’s a winning strategy, giving away value to better the world. Give it a try today and let me know how it works for you.
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