This past weekend I had a fabulous experience shopping at Maurices. After taking a little time reflecting about the experience, I’d like to share with you what I learned. Knowing and implementing these tips can only help your business grow.

My intent was to spend my $20 gift card that I received as a gift. I wanted to walk in and purchase a shirt for an event that I was attending that same day. Because of the staff, specifically Heather and Becca, and their excellent service I received, I ended up spending well over 10 times that amount. Now that’s the kind of client you need!

Here are the seven reasons that helped #Maurices with the additional profit.

1) Acknowledge your customer when they walk in the door. This was done immediately upon entering the store. They acknowledged my presence, and asked me if they could help me with something. (At first, I send no.)

2) Smile. Every single person that I made eye contact smiled at me. Whether or not they were happy, they put on a smile, and that’s good enough for me. They helped create the mood of the store in how they acted.

3) Give away value. At one point, I didn’t know which pair of pants to take. I wanted to try the larger size on, just to see if it would fit a little better. The sales associate then gave me a little information about Maurcies pants. She told me that material was extremely stretchy when compared with some brands or styles out there. She believed because of the material of the pants, the smaller pair would be a better fit for me. I was informed and therefore better able to make a good decision.

4) Be helpful, but not pushy. One of my pet peeves is people hovering over me while I shop. I prefer to be by myself and to make my own decisions. These gals were there when I needed them, but didn’t suffocate me.

5) Add a special touch. If I were to pinpoint one thing that these associates did that really made me feel good, was the fact that they called me by my first name. And how they did it was simple. They asked me if they could get a fitting room ready for me, and then asked me my name. When I went into the fitting room, my name was on the door. Nice, right? And not only was my name there, they continued to call me by my first name. Just a special touch, but it sure made me feel wanted.

6) Communicate every step of the way. When I got to Maurices it was near lunch time. Becca was assisting me, and then she went on break. No, she just didn’t leave me high and dry. She told me that she would be taking a break and arranged to have Heather take care of me while she was gone. She communicated this information to me so that I knew what was happening. Communication is key in any business, make sure you are doing this with your clients as well. It’s important to clarify things, communicate what is happening. Not everyone likes surprises.

7) Ask for a testimonial/survey. After my experience, Becca asked me if I had time to fill out the online survey to let them know how they did. She asked me what I thought, and wanted to learn from it. Testimonials are free, why not ask for them. I not only filled out the survey, but shared my experience on Facebook as well.

These are your seven tips that you can use in business to help bring those customers back, thanks to Maurices! Think about each one, and try to implement them into your business day, and see what the effects might be. Hopefully, overwhelming! Feel free to email me at, and let me know how things worked out. If you are looking for a company that can help you with marketing, contact Dynamic Designs Unlimited today;