Sorry Bruce, I couldn’t resist using this again.

A huge thank you to everyone that came to this morning’s Free Friday on Instagram! If you haven’t downloaded the app, visit the app store on your phone and download it today. Remember you can only download it onto your smartphone, no tablets yet. You won’t regret this! Here is the link for the presentation from earlier: Instagram Free Friday.

A few key topics for you to take away from this presentation:

  • Your greatest reach is using between 5 and 10 hashtags (#). A hashtag is in short, turning a word or phrase into a clickable link that displays a list of other posts with that same hashtag.
  • They allow users to find and participate in discussions about particular topics or events, find people and businesses to follow, and create online communities.
  • They can also be used to provide additional context or to express humor without any real intent to categorize. (#whattheheckisahashtag #ithoughtthiswasapoundsymbol #spellcheckershatehashtags #idontreccomendusinghastagsthislong)
  • Repost – copy post URLs and repost your favorite posts by others

How does this all work?

  • Snap a photo in the app, or upload using your phone’s library!
  • Be a photographer and edit your photos using filters and extra features.
  • Tag anyone by searching their @username (by the way, Dynamic Designs’ username is @ddupulaski)
  • Connect your social media accounts and share!

Other Apps that connect with Instagram:

  • Boomerang – mini video generator
  • Layout – collage maker
  • Hyperlapse – fast forward your videos

Oh and if you don’t want to go through the complete presentation for this link, here is the YouTube video for a good laugh.

For further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us:

Dynamic Designs Unlimited, LLC