You want to stay on top of your competition right? Need to create awareness about your business, service or products? How about making sure your hitting your target audience? Should you be using social media for your business?  All great questions, and the answer YES to each of them. We are in the digital age of marketing, and it will only continue to grow. Some of us have been on board since the beginning of social media, and there are those of us that are just starting to feel “safe” and are getting aboard the ship. Rest assured social media for businesses is here to stay, and should definitely be in your plan for success.

What’s hot in social media right now?

Being in the marketing industry for over 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to see trends in advertising, specifically in social media. Facebook for our clients throughout the years has been an essential part of their marketing campaigns. The most recent “talk” is that Facebook is slowly dying. Not true based on findings from socialfresh. According to a recent report from socialfresh, 95.8% of respondents included Facebook as one of their top 3 social networks for ROI.

Trending in social media is also an increase in the spending budget. More businesses are seeing the value in paying an organization or hiring someone for social media. We currently manage several of our clients social media. We prepare posts based on research, best SEO practices, and great content on a consistent basis, and our clients are seeing results, therefore seeing the value behind the cost.

One of the interesting statistics from this socialfresh report was the fact that Instagram rose from the 3rd most popular answer for our ROI to the 2nd most popular answer for where respondents plan to spend the most money in the next year. It’s really interesting to see how Instagram has grown with advertisers.

When participating in social media is important to remember that image base posts remain the most popular option for content. In fact, 79% of the social monthly content created is images, and for a great reason. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. So, keep using those images for your social media.

Here’s where to start with social media.

So, we’ve answered the questions above, and you probably should be on social media, but what? Here are two questions that if you can answer, it will help you with your marketing plan.

1) Who is your target market, and where are they on social media? Do some research on your clients and ask them what social medias they are using, then start there.

2) What do I post? Great question. Think about how you can help your clients out. Can you offer them tips on how to do things? Can you inspire them, or maybe make them laugh? What problems might they have that you are going to be able to help them out with? For example: Tips on selling your home. By the way, you don’t want to be selling, selling, selling. You want to add value and information so your clients see you as the expert. 

Need help?

If social media isn’t your cup of tea, give the experts a call at Dynamic Designs. We’ll help you get started with social media. We make things easy and fun for our clients. Let us help you get on board with social media. 920-822-4450, or fill out this form for a free marketing consultation today.