By Tammy Brzeczkowski, Founder & Partner of Dynamic Designs Unlimited, LLC

Admit it, we all love it when we receive a promo gift from a company, right? Whether it be a t-shirt, umbrella, pen, usb drive, tote bag or any other product, we love being on the receiving end. In fact, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 85% of people that receive a promotional product worldwide can recall the advertiser that gave them a shirt or hat. Our industry, advertising specialties is by far one of the highest impact, cost-effective forms of advertising mediums around hands down.

Here are four important reasons to use promotional products in your marketing plan.

1) Promo products are less expensive than most forms of advertising. Promotional products have a lower cost per impression in the United States than any television, magazine, and even radio advertising. On average, newspaper cost 3.2¢ per impression, prime television 2.5¢ per impression, when compared to ad specialties at .7¢ per impression. With promotional products you are able to target your market too. For example; a financial institution isn’t mailing pens to every individual in the world. They are choosing their clients, or prospective clients in the area that they serve. Promotional products can be more of a targeted approach to advertising, versus other forms of mass market advertising. Finally, with promotional products your return on investment is excellent!

2) Promo products are kept longer than most forms of advertising. I call this shelf life, or longevity. This is by far, one of the best benefits of promotional products. Overall, consumers want products that are useful to them. Totes, umbrellas, desk accessories, pens, t-shirts and calendars. These items are useful to consumers and therefore will be kept around, with your company logo on it! According to a 2016 ASI study, consumers who own a promotional desk accessory report they typically will keep it for about 14 months. Now, compare that to a 30 second radio ad.

3) People are more likely to do business with you after receiving a gift. According to a recent study through PPAI, 52% of participants did business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional product. In our business, we utilize promotional products in our customer retention program. After we launch a client’s website, we put together a thank you package for them which includes promotional products with their company logo on them. Our clients love this concept. It leaves a warm feeling, even after they have done business with us. Many times, the client loves the products so much, an order is generated from the gift itself. Think of a promotional product as a gift that keeps giving.

4) Company morale and brand awareness is likely to increase through promo products. Promotional products are a great way to make people feel like they are part of the group, like they belong. Giving your employees a company shirt because of super performance, or when they’ve reached a safety milestone, or for a special event, is a moral booster. It’s a great branding strategy too. I visit a local retail technology store quite frequently, and on certain days I notice everyone is wearing the same shirt. Wow, very impressive! Maybe you have an upcoming open house, or special event. First impressions are lasting. Stand out from the crowd, let them know your brand, who you are and utilize promotional products or apparel to make your company shine.

In a nutshell, the world remembers promotional products. People use promotional products every single day. Promotional products leave a lasting impression upon clients or your potential targeted audiences. To not have promotional products in your marketing plan, is a mistake. It’s like having a birthday party without the birthday cake. You can’t have one without the other. My advice to you, is make promotional products a part of your marketing plan, and watch the world remember your brand.

If you need assistance as to what kind of promotional products you need, one that will work well with your event, your target market and even your budget, give us a call at Dynamic Designs 920-822-4450 or visit We go that extra mile to help our clients find what’s right for them.