My mom’s favorite time of the year…Christmas. It’s almost here, isn’t it? It’s also the time of year that you need to say “thank you” to your clients, customers and even your awesome employees.  According to ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) surveys that are produced year after year, it is estimated that nearly 50% of companies plan to give gifts to their employees for the holidays. Another 40% plan to show similar appreciation to clients and prospects.
There are so many ways to do this, but my favorite way is through promotional products. Everyone likes to receive a gift right? Why not give them a gift, and while your at it, brand it with your logo. Not sure what to give? Let me help you. Here are five of the “Hottest Promotional Products” this holiday season, in my eyes.


1) Wall Calendars – An oldy but a goody. Calendars even in this age of technology are still going strong. A gift that keeps on giving all year long. Your logo stays in front of your client for 12 months. What kind of a product can do this best? A calendar is one of the best return on investments you can get when purchasing promotional products. This is one item, we give time and time again, and our clients love them. In fact, so much that they actually ask when they will be getting their calendar. My favorite suppliers, Beacon and Bic/Norwood.


2) Food Gifts. Who doesn’t like chocolate, nuts or candy for the holiday? According to a resent ASI article that I read, Food is King. (Read the article here).  Maple Ridge Farms, a local Wisconsin  (shop local right?) supplier of food gifts has a wide variety of packages for every type of budget, and every taste bud out there. Maple Ridge specializes in all types of packaging as well, from boxes with bows, to vintage wood trucks. Packaging is everything. Check out our zoom catalog.


3) Vacuum Sealed Insulated Travel Mug. Similar to the “Yeti” in the retail industry, as many of you might be aware of. The Kong from Gold Bond has been a best seller and was one of the first ones out there. Recently I got even more excited about the colored mugs from Primeline. Price range anywhere from $15.99 and up for the large styles. When I talk about “hot”. Gold Bond and Primeline, can’t keep these in stock. If this is something you’d like for your employees or clients, you need to hurry, or chances are you’ll be waiting for these after the first of the year.


4) Journals. Looking for something a little more personal? Maybe you have some executive clients and especially females.  Journaling is popular now – even “bullet journaling,” google it. It’s something I’m working on personally with my leadership and company goals. Here’s a great resource for different types and styles of journals through Castelli that we’ve worked with, and the quality is exceptional.


5) Power Banks & Wall Chargers. It woudn’t be right if I didn’t have some type of tech product in my “hot” list. My favorite new suppler this year TOMAX. Tomax is big in the retail industry and has some great unique styles that are sure to win your client’s over. Would you like to look at a pdf catalog? Just send me an email, and I’ll share the catalog with you.

These are just some of my favorite promotional product gifts for 2016. If you are looking for more ideas, email me, or give me a call (920-822-4450) and I will personally put together a promo product presentation just for your holiday clients or employees. Keep your end user in mind when you are looking at promotional products. Is it something useful? Is it unique or new? Is it something that brands you? Remember, that everyone loves a gift, and a thoughtful one at that. If you aren’t done with your holiday gift giving for your clients or employees, now is the time. Don’t procrastinate any longer, get ahead of your competition, and make an impression that will last all year long!