I just finished reading the book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine”, by Chet Holmes. I highly recommend this book for anyone in business or sales. Definitely 5 stars plus. I stumbled upon the book through a podcast that I listened to through Entreleadership, where Chet Holme’s daughter, Amanda Holmes was interviewed. It was an amazing and inspiring podcast.

As of late, I’ve been looking for assistance with our sales process. The Ultimate Sales Machine has jumped started me in the direction that I needed to go. It is going to be my “go to resource”, my sales bible as I lay out the sales process for our company and also in helping our clients as well. One of my favorite chapters in the book is chapter 4, Becoming a Brilliant Strategist. Chet talks about the “The stadium pitch”, and how you need to become great at it. He helps you understand this through a diagram of a triangle, as I have shown below. If you are in a stadium, anywhere, and you are selling your product or service, only 3% of the people in the stadium are actively looking at purchasing your services or product that you are selling. In that same stadium, 6-7% are open to the idea of purchasing your product or service. 30% of the people are not even thinking about it, 30% don’t think they’re interested and 30% know they’re not interested. Let’s get back to the stadium. You need a topic that not just geared toward the people interested in your product or service, but a wider audience, so you can possibly persuade those that may not be thinking about it.screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-11-58-05-am

Let me give you an example. The audience in my stadium is filled with business owners today, and my service/product is website design. My original pitch to the audience is “I am here today to tell you why you need Dynamic Designs to help you with your current website.”  I might grab the attention of 3-7% of the people, right? The rest really don’t care and will probably get up and walk out of the stadium. However, after thinking about this a little more strategically, my new stance is now “Six ways you are loosing clients and profit because of your current website.” This might draw a little more interest with the 30% of the clients that are not even thinking about it. It’s a little more broader, and I’ve got some great statistics on this that will capture my audience’s attention , even the ones that don’t think they are interested at all. Holmes refers to “education based marketing” quite a bit through out the book.

Outlined in the book also are “The Seven Musts of Marketing”. Marketing Weapon No. 6, specifically, dealing with trade shows. Holmes discussed how to work your booth, and get noticed, get leads. He used some great tactics for this. For example; hiring a massage therapist and offering free massages. Lines of people formed at the booth, just waiting to get a massage. Meanwhile, working the crowd, asking questions, generating client leads gave them the upper hand at the trade show.

Landing your dream clients, following up and client bonding were some great subjects that the author touched on through out the book. What I really enjoyed about the the book, was the stories and the exercises Holmes gave throughout to help the reader with their business and sales process. I’m not just learning by reading, but I’m putting these tips and tricks into practice with my own company.

If you are looking for help with your sales process, customer service, or maybe you just want a better grasp on marketing, this is the book for you. And at this point, I am calling it my “Sales Bible”. It is something that I will definitely read again and again to gain a better insight on sales and marketing. Amazing, inspiring, and well worth the read.