This year for our business has been a year in which we’ve worked on processes, people and organization to help make our company more scaleable. One of my favorite books throughout the year, that I’ve been referring back to for help, is Traction. However, as you know when you focus on certain areas of your life or company, other areas tend to get neglected. And I’m here to tell our story.

During our final quarter company meeting, one of the biggest issues, was marketing and sales. This was definitely the area that received the most neglect his year. And marketing was my main responsibility. Yup, I certainly let down a lot of people in the organization. However, working on the company, dealing with day to day issues, employees, and new processes bogged me down, however that remained my focus. It’s a balancing act at times, and you just do your best to make it work.

Moving ahead, we now have a definite plan in place, which will in essence kill two birds with one stone. I will continue working on the company and some of the things I love like sales and education will be my main focus. While, many of my marketing duties have been handed off, to a more than competent employee. I admit this was a difficult decision, and it’s hard to let go. However, in the end I know that it will be well worth it. We’ve even formed a marketing team to help with the entire process.

If you are at a point in your business, that you can’t possibly or physically do any more, and the balancing act isn’t working, it’s time to hand things off.

Three steps to lightening your load, and helping your business grow.

  1. Figure out what your FLUFF is.  Figure out what you are doing all day long. Where are you spending your most time. From here, figure out the “fluff”. What are you doing that somebody else could be doing, and that you really do not necessarily like doing. Well, I made my list. I noted what I loved, what I was good at, but also things I really didn’t care to do.
  2. Delegate. After determining what you could give up, or hand over, decide who or what responsibilities you give to employees already in your company. Who could handle what duty. I looked internally, at an individual who had marketing experience, and was continuing her education in that field. The fact that her department was a little slower, made the decision that much easier. Some other responsibilities were divided up among the group. And overall, it’s going to take a load off of my back, and a lot of other individuals are going to be able to grow because of these additional responsibilities.
  3. Hire Out. Once, you delegate internally, decide if you need to hire out. Yes, you can only do so much internally. After determining my fluff, there was still certain responsibilities that I took on (and still currently do), namely embroidery pre-production. I’ve been doing it since the beginning of time. I good at it, I’m fast, however it takes a lot of my time, and I’m not crazy about it. We determined as a group and we are going to hire out. So, guess what? We’ve started the hiring process. My first step in all of this, was to produce a KRA, showing the Key Responsibility Areas that this individual would be responsible for. Now, I’m working on the processes, step by step and putting together a manual of operations. Once this is complete, we’ll be putting out the word, and start the interviewing process. I’m excited, and want it done yesterday, but need to understand that the process will probably take 3 months before we hire someone, and then comes the training.  However, I’m starting to breathe a little bit better knowing that my workload will get easier.

Wow, three simple steps to growing your business. Why did it take me so long to figure this out? I’m not really sure. You need to remember, even though at one time, you did it all, you physically and emotionally can not do it all, especially if you want to continue to grow. Speaking from experience, and you can quote me on this…”If you’re going to grow, you gotta let go.”

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