We’ve been working with construction clients for years now. We’ve helped them with their apparel and promotional products as long as we’ve been around. What we’ve found in working with our clients is that many of them don’t see the need for a website. Maybe you get 90% of your business from referrals so you’re not looking to bring in a ton of new leads from online searches.

I’m here to tell you why, despite already having an established successful business, an online presence is still important for your construction company.

Why should your construction company have a website?


These days people don’t buy a toaster before doing their research so making a decision like who should build their new home is one they will make with careful consideration. Having a presence online for this reason is important. It says I’m here, I’m reputable, I can show a track record of quality work or have been around for many years. You can share your past and current work as well as customer testimonials. When you are competing with another company for a project, if your bids are comparable, it may come down to a personal preference. Having your work and credentials displayed easily on a website for them to view, may make all the difference.


in the construction industry, more than any other, visibility is a real issue. You have your business displayed on your truck and trailer, you have a sign out in front of the job you are working on, and you put out a few ads every year. Maybe you don’t even do that much. But I know several small construction crews who don’t have a physical location beyond their own home address – and THAT’S OKAY! What a website can do for your business is show the world that you exist and where you are located. That doesn’t mean you have to share your personal address, I wouldn’t suggest that you do, but you can still show your visitors what community that you are based out of.

Look Bigger 

maybe you’re a one man band and you hire help as needed or you work with other construction businesses to complete jobs. If I know anything about builders, it’s that you are full of resources and connections to get your job done!  A website will make your business look bigger than it is so you drive bigger business and you don’t lose out on potential jobs, because they think you can’t handle the size of the project.

It Works For You 24/7 

You are busy. Too busy to be worried about your online image, and in many cases you may already have one. We have found several clients who unknowingly had reviews and testimonials out there for their business (good and bad) on sites like Yelp or Angie’s List. Not knowing and responding to this customer feedback can hurt your business. By not responding, it can look to outsiders as if you don’t care about the customers needs or they may assume that that person’s experience is what they can expect.  *Learn more about managing local listings.*

What should you, as a contractor, include in your site?

Photos / Testimonials

This is your platform to show off your beautiful work! Share with others what you have done by taking before and after photos on remodeling projects, or the progress of plans to finished home in turn-key projects, its valuable for people looking at you as their potential builder to be able to show them your quality of work and attention to detail. My husband was a carpenter for many years, so I know the amount of pride you take in your hard work – as you should! You deserve a professional way to showcase it for friends, family and potential customers.

Service Niche

Here is your opportunity to reach out to those niche markets that you might be a part of. Are you a handyman / do-it-all? Are you passionate about Aging In Place renovations? Is your main focus on masonry and brick work? Do you do all your own custom cabinetry? Commercial or residential? You don’t want to corner yourself to doing only one thing if you are open to more – but if you have special skills or something that set’s you apart, market that! Sometimes people don’t know you do something, until you tell them. Sometimes people don’t know that they want that unique something that you provide, until they see it.


Are you a member in any of the local home builders associations or chambers? Include them! Not only is it great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but then other members will know your involvement and do business with you as well.

Inquiry Form

Don’t just put yourself out there without a way to convert their interest into a sale. Have a way to capture all of those website leads, beyond having a phone number on your website include a simple contact/inquiry form. Collect as much (or as little) information that you need from visitors so that you can follow up with them on how you can help them meet their construction needs.

How should you promote your site?

Include It

Step 1 – have a web or a defined online presence. Step 2 – don’t forget to drive people to it! We can do a lot for SEO and helping your business be found at the top of search results but a lot of your traffic can come from people who see you.  Include your website address on your promotional items, ads, vehicle graphics, signage – everything!

Say It

Tell people to go there. When you talk to a client, remind them to check out your website for more information about you and your history,  examples of your work, and feedback from previous clients.

Share It

Social media is an excellent tool in driving customers to your website. Most people are on Facebook or have a kid who is a wiz at it. If you have a phone that can take pictures, snap a few shots of the house or project you are working on and share them to a public Facebook Page for your company – enlist the help if you need it! Using social media, you can build a fan base that supports your company. There are more industry related networks like Houzz, even Pinterest is great for sharing photos of your work.  Don’t forget to include a link to your website!

Why is Dynamic Designs the right choice for construction/contractor websites?

Construction is near the largest base of customers that we have. Our experience and knowledge of the industry, both in being sensitive to your needs and what it takes to build you a successful website are unmatched. We are involved in local builder organizations, Wolf River Builders Association (WRBA) and Brown County Home Builders Association (BCHBA). Beyond that, we offer three maintenance plans to help you maintain and update your website regularly. We stay in contact with you, reminding you every month to submit any changes that you have so that you don’t have to be worried about it getting outdated and how it can be fixed. We also provide annual reviews to show you how your website has performed over the past year and, staying up-to-date on current standards, we give you suggestions in how to improve your site for the coming year.


If you are in the market or just interested in more information about our responsive website designs, please fill out our quick simple form to get started on your very own free website proposal!