I recently came upon a very creative marketing idea while literally sipping on some wine. As the story goes, we finished supper, and as I was putting the cork back into the bottle I noticed that there was something written on the cork itself. “You have found The Golden Cork. Call this number xxx-xxx-xxxx to redeem your prize” Almost like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the Golden Ticket. So, I called, and it was confirmed that I really had won an awesome prize. I had won a two night stay at the Shipwrecked Hotel in Door County, and additionally a $50 gift card for dinner, a package from the Door Peninsula Winery which included a tour and wine tasting to their facility. Wow, what a surprise!

Having a business that deals with marketing, this really caught my attention. It was definitely a unique way to market a product to a specific target market. Let’s think about this for a moment. If you are in business, what is your creative marketing idea? What could you do that would be unique, but also get to your target audience?

Here are the elements that I pulled from the marketing scheme that you and I may be able to use in our marketing plan. 1) The element of surprise or suspense. 2) A winning combination and 3) An experience or an opportunity to potentially sell more product.  And I believe, that any one of the these elements alone can win a client over. This package deal that I won just happened to have all of these elements.

Let me give you an example of a clever marketing technique. We have a business advisor. Each time we meet we receive an invoice from her. Inside the invoice is a lottery ticket, the kind you scratch off (element of surprise and a win, right). Of course I’m thinking, this is really cool. I might win some money here and it could potentially pay off this invoice. It certainly leaves me with a good feeling each time I open up that invoice, unlike most feelings I have opening up an invoice.

Here’s another great example. Some of the special things that we’ve done for our clients are also elements of surprise. Typically, when we finish a big project for example a website. We put together a gift package for our client which might include business cards promoting their newly launched website, an embroidered polo shirt and a coffee mug and calendar with our logo imposed on everything. This comes to them via UPS and it is a surprise, but the feedback we get puts the icing on the cake.

If you are a realtor, or in the home building industry? Maybe after you sell or build a home, you could provide a personalized photo frame, wine glass set w/ a bottle of wine with your logo etched in the glasses, or even a photo blanket with your clients new home imprinted on the blanket (your logo in the corner of course). What a surprise that would be as your client walks into their new home.

How about the retail industry? I’ve had retailers that I frequent provide me with a Birthday Card, which includes a gift certificate to shop during the month of my birthday. Casino’s are also great for providing golden corks continuously. My parents receive free meals, free night stays and free money all the time. These little elements of surprise bring the clients back in many cases.

Your golden cork for your business is out there, you just need to figure it out. You may also need to test a few corks out to find out what works for you. And if you find yourself in a rut, just take out a bottle of wine, a few sips, and your golden cork idea may just flow into you.

If you are looking for some creative ideas, feel free to contact me at 920-822-4450 or email me at dynamictammy@netnet.net . I’d love to help you find a golden cork idea to increase your business sales.