It happens every day to businesses, in every type of industry. You do the leg work, create the presentation, provide an estimate, bring client samples, bend over backwards, and in the end the client goes with a different vendor because of price. And yes, it hurts. I will have to admit we’ve had our share of this, especially this week. The job that we lost from a particular client (one whom we recently gave a substantial amount of business to because of their loyalty), left us based on price. And just like that with the switch of a button, we lost out based on pricing. More than likely, you are reading this and know exactly what I am talking about. It’s happened to you. I am here to tell you to stand tall, and that your “lost”client may not realize it now, but the value that you bring to the plate for your client is “priceless”.

Here are 4 ways to determine that you are doing business with the right vendor: (A guide in creating lasting business relationships).

  1. Royal Treatment.  Do you have a good relationship with the sales person? Are you receiving the royal treatment? Are you being followed up with in a timely manner? Is your vendor asking you the right questions? With our clients, we treat them with respect and kindness. It goes a long way, in business and in life. We go above and beyond to help clients find what they need, and within their budget. We believe in helping people find the resources that they need to run a successful marketing campaign, and we do it in a manner that exceeds our competitors, through being nice. Yes, there I said it. Nice. Have you ever had a waitress that wasn’t nice? I have, and it can definitely ruin coming back to that same restaurant. It leaves a pretty sour taste in your mouth, no pun intended. Hiring nice people that smile, and whom want to help clients is so important. And we know and believe that in the end we maintain clients that value that unique trait.
  2. Research & Inspiration. Has your vendor provided you research or statistics? Or how about ideas? Inspiration? Motivation? Yes, this is something that we know is important. Our clients come to us for ideas, and inspiration. We help you find the perfect ideas, do the research for you and put it together in a presentation. We do the leg work, find the products, figure out what you need. Sometimes we do all of this just to create a baseline for our competition to undercut our services with price. Here’s a great example; the real estate industry. You want to sell your home, so you call a realtor. They come to your location and measure your home, and give you an estimate as to what you can sell the house for. You decide to try and sell it on your own. It seems as though the realtor has just wasted hours of his/her time doing the leg work, and you decided to sell the home on your own. It’s not right, but it happens. I call it the cost of doing business, and it’s a big cost, especially if you lose the opportunity to help the client. All is not lost, in the event you can’t sell the home, you may still have an opportunity to help your client. We’ve had instances, where we’ve lost a client to our competition, and they’ve come back because our competitor dropped the ball, and didn’t get the product to the client by a  particular date.
  3. Reputable company, check them out.  Make sure that you are working with a reputable company. How long have they been in business? Did you ask for references? How about checking out reviews? Do they have a website? Do they belong to local community organizations, or the BBB or industry related organizations? Are they credible? Doing what is right, in a world when things can go wrong. Providing that guarantee that if something goes wrong it will be taken care of. No worries. In a world that is fast paced and crazy, things happen everyday, we know that it is not a perfect world. And at times, things go wrong. For our clients, they know and realize that they will be taken care of, and not be left in the cold especially after the job is completed. We are reputable. Earlier this year, we were nominated by a client for the “Ethics in Business Award” by the American Foundation of Counseling Services. Even after losing a contract, our client stated that we went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that the transaction was a smooth one. We believe in doing things right even if it means losing money. Yes, folks, we aren’t in it for the money. We are in it for all of you, for your success. Success of our clients is what motivates us. We know that if you are successful, we will be successful.
  4. Professional, experienced and have the know how. Ask yourself this…are you working with professionals? Are they experienced, and do they ultimately have the right credentials to help you with your project. For example; if you are looking for an electrician, are they licensed? How much experience do they have? What type of services are they known for? remodels or new construction? At Dynamic Designs, our business began as a design company. We have that eye for detail. We know that first impressions are so important. You only have seconds to make that first impression. Whether it be your website, or social media, a pen, pad folio, folder, business card or even a display banner, we create that lasting impression. We consider ourselves experts in the field of marketing. Are you working with an expert?

There you have it, four simple steps to ensure you are working with the right vendor. And of course, don’t burn any bridges with the vendor that you blew off. When everything is said and done, and you choose to leave your current provider, make sure you have done it for all the right reasons. When a client leaves, believe me, it hurts, and it leaves a mark. We understand however, that in todays world price is important. Throat-cut marketing tactics, and lowering prices, is not an option, and never will be in our eyes. We believe in maintaining close relationships, helping and inspiring our clients to become the best they can. Bottom line, what we bring to the table is value, ethics, kindness, reliability and quality (some of our core values). So, if you are searching for the best products and service, and expect to get the cheapest price, what are you really expecting to get? My question to you is, who really wins in the Tug of War Pricing Game? And what do you value in a vendor? Want to learn more about who we are at Dynamic Designs? Check out this link.

Author Tammy Brzeczkowski, Founder and Owner of Dynamic Designs