As a mom of three growing, hungry boys, I do a lot of grocery shopping, and I shop at the different stores for various reasons. I have unique experiences at the different stores I visit. I’ll shop at Festival because of how nice the employees are, the produce is fresh and clean, and yes, believe it or not the carts with the coffee cup holders get me every time too. Aldi’s I like to shop because its quick (small store, less variety) and inexpensive. Super Ron’s Food Center, because of it’s locality, and how it supports the community and of course the meat department, and their famous polish sausage.  Woodman’s because of how many varieties and brands they offer, most of the time, I will find what I need. For example; a specific coffee that I like, Woodman’s is the only one that has it. Depending upon what type of experience or what products I need, will determine where I shop.

Because I am in the website business, and helping clients build their brands, market themselves and tell their story, I saw the similarities with my grocery shopping experience and websites and thought would be interesting to share with you, and definitely relatable. Here’s something to keep in mind, your website, is your grocery store. It is where people come to you for services or products, it’s where they learn about you. So, here are four elements of a great website:

  1. Great First Impression – Your landing page (home page), make sure its your best page. Why? because this is your entrance to your grocery store. Just like in your home, the entrance should be welcoming, and clean. The colors of your website should be easy on the eyes. The site page should be simple with enough white space so that it doesn’t look cluttered. In a nutshell, when someone gets to your home page, they should know within 10 seconds or less what your company does.
  2. Easy Navigation – In a store, great signage, the wide isles and ability to reach your product quickly and easily is important to me. You don’t want people to feel overwhelmed or confused. Your website, as well should be easy to navigate, if it’s not you risk clients leaving and not having that “wow experience” you want to provide them, so they come back. As Donald Miller, from Building a Story Brand, says in his podcasts, “If you confuse, you lose.” Keep it simple, and don’t clog up your website with so much information that people have a hard time understanding what you do.
  3. Products / Services Visible – The comment you don’t want to hear is “I had no idea you did that.” You should have your products or service visible, and easy to access and understand. You are not doing your job, if your clients do not know what you can do for them. Just like in a grocery store, your products need to be displayed prominently.
  4. Call to Action – What do you want your clients to do while they are visiting you? Make sure on every page you have a call to action. Maybe this would be a button to purchase, or a form to fill out, or maybe a video to watch. Whatever it is you need to engage your potential clients.  In a grocery store, once you get your shoppers into the store you want them to buy products. Maybe you do this through signage, or taste testing or coupons, but Call to Actions are important, engagement is a necessary part of your business. If you don’t do this, then why are you doing this?

So, take a look today as to what is in your grocery store, I mean your website. Go through these 4 important steps and make sure your website has them covered. If you don’t have the time, ask someone else to do the grocery shopping. Ask someone that hasn’t visited your site to view it, and in the first 10 seconds tell you what it is that you do. If they can answer that question without a problem, your website is telling your story and things are looking pretty good. If they answer the question wrong, or can’t answer it, then you’ve got some work to do. How’s that for food for thought?

If you need help, then give your friends at Dynamic Designs call 920-822-4450. We’d be happy to sit down with you to review your current website to see where you might be able to improve and increase clients, increase sales.