The Ideal Team Player Book

The Ideal Team Player, a must read for everyone on the team.

The Ideal Team Player a great book for the entire team to read. I would rate it 4 Stars. We had our entire staff read it, and we really learned what it takes to make a great team. The author Patrick Lencioni through storytelling, writes about three key elements individuals must possess in order for a team to grow and prosper.

These key elements are: Smart, Hungry and Humble. Smart meaning people smart, and knowing how to work with people, act around people – it’s about emotional intelligence and being able to handle yourself. Hungry, eager to do the job, want the job – and for the right reasons. Humble, basically not arrogant or self centered, not wanting attention.

When hiring, and keeping employees, this is what we need to look for. This book was recommended highly by Dave Ramsey, one of my favorite podcasters, and author of Entreleadership, and other Financial books. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating, I thought that it got a little long winded at the end of the book – I’m a to the point kind of person. However, overall a must read book for the business owner, and their staff. I will make this part of our “on boarding” process when hiring.