1. It’s advertising. No matter where you go, what you do, you are advertising for your company when you wear branded apparel. What we’ve noticed too is that it is a great conversation piece when you are out in public.

2. It’s a form of identification. The sense of safety for your customers is important. If you are a service-oriented company, for example, a Heating and Cooling Company, and your employees come knocking on your residential door, not wearing any type of uniform, your client, might not feel safe to let your employees in the door without some sort of identification.

3. Branded apparel means “helpfulness”. Think about the last time you walked into Walmart or a retail store, and you needed help. Whom did you look for? Probably someone in a uniform. This is so true and we know this first hand. Bruce, one of the owners and sales reps at Dynamic Designs has walked into Festival Foods, Walmart, and other retail stores on several occasions and people have come up to him and asked him for help on finding an item in the store. We believe this was because of what he was wearing, khaki pants and a polo with a logo. (Even though it was our logo, people associated that type of uniform as someone who should be helpful, and who worked at the store.)

4. Helps retain employees longer. When given a uniform or branded apparel as an appreciation or thank you gift, it actually helps keep your employees happy. Statistics have shown that 88% of employees are willing to stay longer if appreciated at work.

5. Branded apparel makes you appear more professional than someone who doesn’t wear branded apparel. We all know that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we also know that first impressions are lasting impressions. If you meet a client, and you are wearing a polo or vest with your company logo, it gives you a little more credibility. Just like a website, having a great looking website that’s easy to understand and navigate is going to give you more credibility than a company whose website is an eyesore and difficult to understand.

You might think I am a little bias because of the industry that I am in, however; the next time you are out and about take a look at all of the branded corporate wear you see. When you enter a store, do you look for someone in a uniform? When you meet with a business client and they are wearing a branded shirt, does it make you feel as though they are more professional, or even more credible? When you walk into a company and all the employees are in the same branded shirt, what is the atmosphere like? If you don’t have branded apparel, you could be losing out on potential sales.