Being in business for almost 23 years, I must say we’ve learned a lot along the way. One of them is working with customer supplied items is not an option anymore. From dealing Carhartt jackets, golf bags, duffel bags, dog collars, horse blankets, gun cases, and the gamut doesn’t stop. We’ve tried them all, a lot with success. Some, turned out just fine, but the time we spent on the project didn’t cover the cost of what we charged.  Some embroidery projects were not successful at all. In fact, because of birds-nesting issues with the bobbin, or other complications, some garments were even damaged. My point is, we’ve shied away from customers bringing in their own apparel. Next time you are turned down by an embroidered, you’ll know why.

Here are four reasons many embroidery shops do not accept customer supplied items.

  1. The items are not hoop-able. What this means, is that the garment you brought in is too difficult to put in an embroidery hoop. It may just be too stiff, or it may be too awkward which makes it difficult to get in the machine. We’ve worked with Carhartt jackets that took way too much time trying to hoop something so stiff, and then having the jacket actually fall out of the hoop. Trust me, it’s not fun trying to line up an embroidery design once it falls out of the hoop. We’ve also worked with golf and duffel bags that needed to be held in place the entire time because of the weight of them. So, to put it in a way that you will understand, these items can be big time wasters – therefore, definitely not profit generators.
  2. Special needles are required. There are some garments that require special accessories. For example, leather requires a special needle. If your embroidery machines are not set up for this at all times, it’s another time waster. And again if something happens, for example, a term called birds-nesting, when the bobbin bunches up underneath, and a hole is put in a jacket, we can not replace the jacket. And the customer is not happy that we ruined a perfectly expensive jacket. We prefer to work directly with the manufacturer’s vendors when it comes to leather items. Most leather jackets are actually embroidered before the garment is sewn together. Making it easy to replace if something happens along the way.
  3. Some items need to be taken apart and resewn. Yes, it’s true. Depending on the garment’s size and how it is made, we’ve actually had to take the garment apart and resew it to make it fit in the hooping frame. An example of this, Christmas stockings. Seems like a simple project right? Not always, and we can’t always tell until we get the stocking into production if it is going to work. So, not only are we embroidering your stocking, but also taking it apart by hand, and then resewing.
  4. There’s no profit with customer supplied. Let’s face it, we are all in business to make money. When you bring in customer supplied apparel item to an embroidery shop, there’s really no money to be made for the embroidery shop. Typically, when you order from one of our many vendors, we make a % on the garment and embroidery. It’s actually worth our time to embroider it, and the client’s final price is about the same as what they would have paid for it if they would have brought in, simply because the embroidery cost is less. In the end, having us order it for you is a win-win situation. And if there is an issue with the embroidery process, we just reorder, and you aren’t even aware that we had an issue.

Looking back, we have learned a lot along the way of customer supplied items. If we plan to stay in business our best bet is to stay away from customer supplied items. Yes, there are clients that are not happy with this decision, we understand. I’m not saying that we don’t accept any customer supplied apparel totally. We do have business clients that may get a deal on apparel that they can’t pass up. These clients typically have a large quantity and they need their logo embroidered on the items, we can help them and let them know there are no guarantees. For future, if you are purchasing apparel online, or buying end-of-the-year clearance, make sure you have a supplier that will embroider them for you, or that you have an option of sending items back for a refund if you can’t find an embroiderer.

On the bright side, when you purchase apparel through Dynamic Designs Unlimited, we guarantee our work and the apparel. We can provide you samples for sizing, colors, and even style. Nothing is embroidered unless the embroidery has been approved by you via a simulated embroidery stitch out. This guarantees that you get the look you wanted – no surprises here.  If you are looking for a particular brand or apparel item, we’ll do our best to research the product for you, and make sure you get what you are looking for, within your budget.

When you work with us, we walk you through the process and make it easy for you to understand. You don’t have to do the legwork or the research, or check on stock, or worry that you won’t get your apparel on time. We work with vendors that we trust and have good relationships with. We do all of this to save you time and stress. We add value. So, why not work with a company that wants to help you, and plans to be around for another 23+ years?

Now, here’s a question for you. How about some shirts for your employees or clients? Let’s boost up that company morale this year. Give us a call 920-822-4450 today, and rest assured we’ll be here tomorrow for all your marketing and apparel needs.