Whether you are getting ready for a company open house, conference, trade show, employment fair, or a business promotion, it doesn’t pay to hold the event if it isn’t going to be successful. Why waste money and time if your event isn’t going to reach your goals or expectations. Here are five tips to ensure your event is a success.

  1. Prepare and Plan. When you are putting together an event, you need to remember that it takes time and preparation. Just like when you are preparing to give a speech; the more research, time and practice you put into the speech, the better the outcome, right? Just recently, I was a volunteer in a community event that was very successful. This event was a week-long event, and we started planning over a year ago. One year of preparation, wow!
  2. Get Others Involved. You need to remember, you can’t do everything by yourself. I sometimes have a problem with asking for help. Or, at times I may think I’m the only one that will put 100% into doing the task. Small or big events need people to make them successful. Learn to delegate, learn to ask for help. Even if someone only puts 60% effort into a task, that still will help you out, and relieve you of the task. Maybe you are running a corporate walk or run for a cause. Ask your community, organizations within your community that might also benefit to help out. You’ll find that you just need to ask, people love to help a good cause.
  3. Media/Public Relations. One important thing that I’ve learned is that you need to be able to write an enticing press release, and not just one if it’s a large event. You need to write a series of press releases that lead up to the event. Not every press release will get in the news, that is a fact. It is a numbers game. With my recent community event, four months prior to the big event, four press releases went out. When it came time for the event, we had local news coverage by 3 of the 4 news stations in the area.
  4. Advertise. If you want an event that is successful, you need to have an advertising budget. Yes, you need to pay to advertise. It’s great to be able to get the free publicity by the news media or have a free listing in the church bulletin, or information listed on the Chamber website, but if you want your event to be successful, you need to advertise to your target audience. First, determine who your target audience is, and where they are at. Are they on social media? Are they 35-55? Then maybe Facebook is an option? Or are you targeting the younger generation; maybe Snapchat or Instagram. You may be looking at a magazine, a newspaper, television or radio, or a combination of these media. Depending on your budget, and your audience and where they are will determine where and how you advertise. Remember though, that it is imperative that you advertise. You need to find a way to get to your target audience.
  5. Review and Revise. This is a bonus tip that many of us fail to do. When the event has ended, determine what worked/what didn’t. Not every event goes as planned, or by the book. When the event is done, have a follow-up meeting with the individuals and groups involved to determine if goals were met. Take the time to analyze the promotion or event. Ask questions, brainstorm ideas. Was there room for improvement? What were good things about the event? What processes failed. Is it worth doing the event again, and what needs to change, and what can you keep the same?

It’s important to remember that in this world, there is no such thing as “perfect”. We’d like to think there is, right? Like your company website, a promotion or special event that you run is a work in progress. You need to update it and make sure you are changing and adding important information and value to it each time to run the promotion.

If you need help with marketing ideas or just don’t have the time to do a promotion the right way – don’t ruin a good thing. Pick up the phone and call Dynamic Designs Unlimited, LLC 920-822-4450. We can help you with promotional product ideas for your target market. We can help you dress your employees for an event. We can even help you promote your event on social media. Whatever you need, big or small, we are here for your success. We can be your marketing department or just a marketing hand. You have that choice, but whatever you do, a tip once given to me is to go big or go home – Do things right, or don’t do them at all! Follow these tips, and your next promotion is sure to be successful.

P.S. Here’s a great book to read for promotions/events and sales. I call it my bible. The Ultimate Sales Machine, check out my book review and email me your thoughts to tammy@dynamicdesignspulaski.com