In our weekly staff meeting this week, we talked about communication with our clients. Projects seem to get behind or abandoned because clients are getting back to us. Sometimes we feel like we are bothering them if we continually email and call them.

It’s just a fact, that our clients are so busy they don’t always have the time to finalize projects, approve projects, get us content or artwork, or just get back to us. We have to remember, they are busy doing what they do best, and that isn’t always marketing. It can be a vicious circle. In our meeting we decided that we need to be that key or liaison to our customers or potential clients, and you can do the same. It’s up to us to stay on task, without being feeling like you are nagging them.

Here are 6 tips for staying in touch clients or potential customers that you are working with.

  1. For every two follow up emails I send, I make a phone call to make sure that my customer has actually seen the email. When you get over 200 emails a day it’s easy to miss an email. When you call, remember you are just making sure that they saw the email.
  2. Stop in and make a personal visit. This is a big one. For the most part, I make the sales and typically hand responsibilities off to my graphic and website departments to finalize the details. Most of my clients are like me, they need that extra nudge, that personal visit. Sometimes, it’s out of the blue, and sometimes it’s scheduled, but I like to pop in and just “go over things.” It works and it’s a little hand holding, but it is well worth the trip.
  3. Snail mail. Send a note. Sometimes after I’ve met with my client and things are in the works, I pop a handwritten note card in the mail to thank them for their time. It’s just another reminder to them, and it leaves a warm fuzzy feeling when they receive it.
  4. Have someone else in the office email or call your client. Just another touch, and it’s not the same person. I’m not sure why this works, but it works. Maybe its because it puts a little pressure on them, now that someone else is on the project.
  5. Connect with them on Linked-In or Facebook. Share an article, pdf or video with them – totally unrelated to the project or potential sale at hand. Just let them know that you are thinking about them.
  6. Call again. I call it variety. I mix things up, but I always go back to that phone and pick it up. Even if they don’t answer, I can leave a message. It’s just another touch in the process.

Communication is key in any life or business situation. These contacts as I call them are considered “touches”. The question that we have to answer too, is how many times do we try to connect with a client before we abandon the project or the potential sale. The answer I believe, at minimum is 5-7 times. If I’m at that point, I do let my client know that the ball is now in their court, and it’s up to them to get a hold of me to continue with the project. I believe in giving them every opportunity to continue the process, however; your time is valuable too, and you need to be spending it wisely.

Life is crazy for us and for our clients. Don’t think for one minute that they don’t want to do business with you. It’s like the old saying “The squeaky door gets the grease.” Be that squeaky door to your clients. Communicate as often and as necessary to get the job done. In the end, they’ll be happy that you helped them stay on task.

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