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Four Reasons Why Embroidery Shops Don’t Accept Customer Supplied Apparel

Being in business for almost 23 years, I must say we’ve learned a lot along the way. One of them is working with customer supplied items is not an option anymore. From dealing Carhartt jackets, golf bags, duffel bags, dog collars, horse blankets, gun cases, and the gamut doesn’t stop. We’ve tried them all, a lot with success. Some, turned out just fine, but the time we spent on the project didn’t cover the cost of what we charged.  Some embroidery projects were not successful at all. In fact, because of birds-nesting issues with the bobbin, or other complications,...

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The Ideal Team Player

The Ideal Team Player a great book for the entire team to read. I would rate it 4 Stars. We had our entire staff read it, and we really learned what it takes to make a great team. The author Patrick Lencioni through storytelling, writes about three key elements individuals must possess in order for a team to grow and prosper. These key elements are: Smart, Hungry and Humble. Smart meaning people smart, and knowing how to work with people, act around people – it’s about emotional intelligence and being able to handle yourself. Hungry, eager to do the...

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