Author: Tammy Brzeczkowski

Building a Story Brand By Donald Miller

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller has got to be one of the best business books I have read thus far. For sure, I will give this 5 stars (almost 6). It’s all about clarifying your message, and when you confuse you lose. Donald keeps things so simple, just the way I like it. Anyone in business, can truly profit from this awesome book. I learned about the book through Donald Miller’s weekly podcast, which is also extremely educational, and again simple. The book taught me that every great movie that was ever produced contained a very specific...

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4 Elements of a Great Website

As a mom of three growing, hungry boys, I do a lot of grocery shopping, and I shop at the different stores for various reasons. I have unique experiences at the different stores I visit. I’ll shop at Festival because of how nice the employees are, the produce is fresh and clean, and yes, believe it or not the carts with the coffee cup holders get me every time too. Aldi’s I like to shop because its quick (small store, less variety) and inexpensive. Super Ron’s Food Center, because of it’s locality, and how it supports the community and...

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5 Ways You’re Losing Money with Facebook Luncheon Learn – August 3 at the Shawano Country Chamber

This Luncheon Learn is for for those busy entrepreneurs, marketing managers, or social media specialists who don’t want to waste their time or money on Facebook ads that don’t work. Learn some interesting stats about Facebook advertising. What works and what doesn’t work. What’s the hottest trends are? How to use a Facebook Pixel on your website to target clients that have been to your site. How to retarget clients. We’ll also share with you a list of Apps that will help you to create your ads easily, no need for Photoshop. One thing we do know, is that...

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Losing out on a sale because of price. It happens to the best of us, and who really wins?

It happens every day to businesses, in every type of industry. You do the leg work, create the presentation, provide an estimate, bring client samples, bend over backwards, and in the end the client goes with a different vendor because of price. And yes, it hurts. I will have to admit we’ve had our share of this, especially this week. The job that we lost from a particular client (one whom we recently gave a substantial amount of business to because of their loyalty), left us based on price. And just like that with the switch of a button, we lost out based on...

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FREE embroidered Hat While Supplies Last. A memorial month special.

  If you’ve been thinking about branded apparel, specifically hats for your business. Now is the time. Give Dynamic Designs a try today. We are so excited to help you with your business, we are offering a FREE EMBROIDERED hat special for a limited time only. Fill out the form to receive your hat. You must have a business that’s the stipulation that we have, and you must be within a 50 mile radius (give or take a few miles) of Dynamic Designs in Pulaski, WI. Here’s the link, give us a try...

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