It's all about knowing your audience.


What is geo targeting?

Mobile marketing has been taken to the next level with geo-fencing which gives companies the ability to advertise specifically to potential customers within a certain geographic radius. So think about it. Targeting a very specific geographic boundary, that is what we are talking about. And then marketing directly to that audience.

Geofencing constructs a virtual boundary around a business location, in a business, or even at a special event using a combination of technologies; GPS (Global Position System) and Radio frequency identifiers.

This technology has been around for a while, but the popularity of smartphones has really made this an incredible marketing tool for businesses. We at Dynamic Designs are proud to be a part of this.

Just think about the things that you could do with Geofencing. For example: Are you a business that is struggling with finding good employees? Well, we can offer you a special program to geofence your closest competitors.  Your competition's employees will be targeted with ads to come to work for you. 

Maybe you are a car dealership, and you are running a special promotion. How about geofencing all of your local car dealerships. Anyone that enters a car dealership parking lot (and it could include your lot) will be specifically targeted with mobile ads and or an email campaign.

Want to attend a business, health or manufacturing seminar, but just don't have the time? How about having us Geofence the event, and target everyone that attended the event with ads on their mobile phones for a 30 day campaign?

Maybe you are a restaurant in a strip mall or near a large business. Let's geo fence the strip mall or the large business and target people to stop by your place of business after work to pick up dessert or a special entree that you are featuring? Seriously, we could go on and on with ideas for you.

Better yet, call us today 920-822-4450. Get on the bandwagon and ask us to help you with a plan. You need to get ahead of your competition, and geo targeting is one way to do this.