How it all began


It all started when…

Our story begins at her home, where she primarily did graphic design services. With this humble beginning, Tammy also waitressed and drove a vehicle for the handicapped (for a local business) to help supplement her income.

Not long after she began the business, one of her customers asked if she would be able to put a logo on a jacket. Not wanting to say no to the request, embroidery services for Dynamic Designs was born. Not long after, her mother, an avid sewing-seamstress and quilt maker joined her to do embroidery in the basement of Tammy’s residence.

In 1999, screen printing services were added to the pot, and the company moved to a industrial park nearby. The company incorporated in 1999 now having four owners; Tammy and her husband Bruce, along with Tammy’s parents, Barb and Ron Maroszek. Ron and Barb in addition to being active owners, had a dairy farm in the Township of Maple Grove since 1979. They recently retired from dairy farming in December 2014.

In 2002, the company moved to downtown Pulaski, WI where more employees and services were added. While there, the company maintained a showroom and gift shop filled with Red Raider, Pulaski and Polka souvenirs and apparel.

It was determined in 2013, that the company should become less diverse and focus on the business clients, Dynamic Designs “Bread and Butter”. And so it came to be, the retail store was discontinued along with some of the businesses in-house services. In July of 2014 began Dynamic Designs Unlimited created a new chapter in their book. Specializing in three main areas of marketing for businesses; promotional products, decorated apparel and website design, Dynamic Designs Unlimited remains focused and determined to be a marketing partner to their business clients.

Business has been great for the owners, and everyone has been blessed. During the years in business Bruce and Tammy had three children; Zac (age 18), Joshua (16) and Brandon (15). 

We believe in lasting relationships, and helping our loyal clients throughout the years. We are passionate about the success of our clients!