Quarterly Employee Meetings Create Focus and Inspiration

This past weekend we held our third quarterly meeting of the year, kick starting the 4th quarter. An important quarter for us as we try to reach our sales goals for the end of the year. As an employer and business owner, I get a lot out of these meetings, and feel strongly that if we didn’t have the meetings, we would be just surviving and not thriving. I was able to understand why quarterly meetings were important after reading the book “Traction” by Geno Wickman. I highly recommend this book to anyone in business. We still implement several of the practices and systems from this book into our business on a daily basis. Here are 5 reasons, I believe that you need to be consistent about holding offsite meetings for your business every 90 days.

Ideas Flow

First, since we have every quarterly meeting offsite, I believe that in a different atmosphere we tend to think differently. We are not in our “work mode” and we tend to be more creative. For example; when you drive to work the same route every day, your brain is on auto pilot, and you really aren’t thinking, which is kind of scary in a way. Sometimes, when you get to work, you don’t even remembering driving, have you had this experience too? That’s why it’s a good idea to drive a different route once in a while, change up the scenery. This quarter, we held it at my sister’s cabin in the woods. Nothing fancy, but different.  We catered in pizza and had refreshments. We even invited the spouses to this one to really switch it up, and I’m glad we did. They even had some great ideas to share. Brainstorming is a breeze with in a different environment.

Employees Get To Know Each Other

We always have a little Team Building Experience after the brainstorming session, just to keep it fun and light. These sessions help our employees get to know other employees a little bit better. For example, you may have two employees that really don’t work together or are even in the same department, this helps them to create new relationships. Since it’s October we opted for a “Live Scarecrow Building Competition” for our team building.  We are posting pictures from our competition on Facebook and having our viewers vote. The winning scarecrow team, wins a free lunch. It was fun to watch our teams, just pick a person to be a scarecrow, and away they went. Here is a quick video of one of our live scarecrows.

It Jump Starts Things

One of my favorite things about the meetups is that it get’s us back on track. For example, you know how excited at the beginning of the year people are with new year’s resolutions, like losing weight, right? I’m super motivated, and then in March I start to lose that excitement. By having this meeting, we get that excitement back, it’s like a new start or a fresh beginning. In having these meetings we ask ourselves what is working, what’s not, what is missing and what is confusing (these are the four questions we always ask). From this, we can set new company and individual priorities (we call them Rocks). It rekindles the fire.

It Can Be An Eye Opener

In our meeting this weekend,  I was able to find out a few things that I didn’t know about, or that I didn’t realize were concerns. We talked about equipment and computers that needed upgrading, professional development for employees and even about our own marketing material that was a concern. All of this I probably wouldn’t have known about unless we would have had this meeting. At least I am aware of these concerns. It’s a great feeling when employees are able to share their thoughts and feel safe about doing it. Creating an safe environment is important for your employees and your business growth. At one time, this was not the case. We’ve had employees in the past that did not have emotional intelligence. People were actually scared to share thoughts, or focus on challenges in front of these individuals for fear of a blow up. Everyone has something special to add to the pot, and it’s important to allow them to do this, and not feel scared to bring something up.

Priorities Are Created, You Have a Focus

Finally, after we brainstorm and look at the past quarter (research and statistics) and we do this on big sheets of paper,  we can clearly see what our top priorities are. This is to me one of the best results of the quarterly meeting. Everyone has an idea of where we need to go and what we need to focus on. From the priorities that we set, we put together a list of Goals or Rocks for everyone. Everyone on the Team is responsible for 1-3 goals per quarter. These goals directly relate to the priorities or goals for the quarter.

Quarterly meetings for businesses are a definite plus and help the business grow. The juices get flowing, people have fun and you learn what is most important moving forward. I believe it’s all about the focus. The more emphasis you can put on doing something, the better off you will be. Just like piano player. The more an individual practices a song, the better they become playing that song. In business, when you set your target, and everything you do is aimed at the target, the better chance you will have of hitting that target.

My advice to you, if you’ve never had a quarterly meeting, start now. It’s never too late. If you need a little inspiration about getting started read this article about 9 late bloomers in business who proved that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. Like a website, a business is a work in progress. You need to be able to change and pivot. You need to grow, and hosting a quarterly meeting is essential in this process. You’ve got everything to gain, and nothing to lose so do it today!

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