Need a quick and simple marketing plan? Read this book. 4.5 Stars, My 1-Page Marketing Plan

This is a great book about marketing and growing your company, fast and simple. Simple is my theme in life and in business. If I can understand it, then I can teach it. If I can learn it myself, I can apply it to my business. In a nutshell, I was able to understand the 64/4 Rule that is outlined in the book. The majority of your success comes from the top 4% of your actions. 96% of the stuff you do is a waste of time. So, what you need to do, is figure out what is working for you, and do that even more. Easy right?

The book provides you a website form that you can fill in as you go through the book. “My 1-Page Marketing Plan.” It’s a canvas, and you fill it in as you read the book. Basically, there are three phases of customers. The Before Phase (get your clients to know you), The During Phase (get them to like and buy from you for the first time) and The After Phase (get them to trust you, and buy from you regularly-make them raving fans to that they refer everyone to you).

One of the first things the author talks about is figuring out who your target market is. So many times, we want everyone to be our client. This can not be. Not everyone will value you, not everyone can relate to you, not everyone will like you, not everyone can be your customer. So, it is important to find out who your target audience is right away so you are not wasting your time with people that are not meant to be your client.

Once you have your client, you have to create your message to that client, and then get that message to your client. There are many ways to do this from social media, email marketing, to snail mail to educational marketing. The book goes through many different forms of marketing. One of the key elements I took from the author was that by educating your client, you build trust. Don’t sell, sell, sell. You need to build trust. You need to strengthen that relationship with your client.

Allan Dib talks about resisting the urge to discount. Don’t underestimate the value your business has by discounting your products or services. This is true. In our business, it is quite competitive, and yes, we lose to companies that under bid us on occasion. When this happens it is good to remember that client you lost is a not a client for you. We are not what they deserve either. Instead of discounting you need to figure out how to increase the value of your products. Show additional services you provide, bundle in bonuses, increase the quantity. Show them how valuable you are to them. Show them the difference between your competition and you, your competitive advantage.

Finally, once you have your clients, you have to build a world class experience and create a lifetime customer that will be a raving fan of yours. What you want is to create a client that will only go to you for your products and services. You need to create clients that will fight for you. You essentially have to create a tribe. Allan Dib does a great job giving you tips and tricks on how to accomplish this.

If you are looking for an easy and fast way to market your business. The 1-Page Marketing Plan is the book for you. I highly advise reading it, and then reading it over as I have done. Dib tells stories of companies and people who are marketing effectively, and how you can too. He makes a great point toward the end of the book, that we need to focus on obtaining results rather focusing on the time and money that we have into a project. When you get results, you will ultimately get paid more and profit is what will help us at the end of the day.

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