How to tell if your advertising or marketing efforts are working.

GNR Equipment

GNR Equipment

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine your ROI, your return on investment with the different types of media, isn’t it? How do you know if what you are doing is helping your business? For example; radio advertising. This is a great tool, but how do you know it’s working for you. How do you know if you are capturing the right audience? How do you know you are marketing with the right tools. Well, your website may be the answer to this question.

If you have a website (and you should), one way to find out if your marketing tactics are working is to look at your google analytics. This report that is generated can show you how many sessions you get on your website, how often people are visiting, where your engagements are coming from, how long they are on your website and so forth. It’s a great tool for any business, and you should be using it.

Case Study: Just recently, as I was going through our client analytics, I noticed a huge spike in a new client’s website sessions. It stopped me in my footsteps. In fact, the website was less than a year old, and this was even more amazing to me. It takes a good 3 to 4 months for the website crawlers to reach a new site. Check out the actual screenshot below to view the spike in website sessions.

Screenshot 2018-08-10 13.42.32.png

Curiosity had me and I contacted our client GNR Equipment to ask him what he did at the beginning of July that spiked up his website. Amazingly enough, it was a show/event that he attended, and most of the interest he received was on one of the new products that he started selling, Wolfe Ridge Splitters.

We were able to take the data from the website and directly correlate it to this specific event and the actual product that he sold at the event. GNR Equipment has two more shows this year, and we’ll be able to measure how each show does, which in my eyes is awesome. We can determine whether or not if these events are worth attending year after year.

What I also noticed from the website report was that the bounce rate was at 29% which is extremely low. What this told me was that the people that had come to the site were there for a reason. They didn’t just bounce off, they wanted to be there. A decent bounce rate should be around 40%-50%.

Just think about it; you maybe you have an event or direct mailer promotion that you will be doing this year. Wouldn’t it be great to see if it was worth doing? Besides looking directly at your sales, you can visit your analytics. You can see how much interested by your website sessions. You can also continue to focus your efforts on where the interests lie. Sales may not always happen right away. Not everybody is ready to buy at a certain time. You have to nurture your potential clients - it may take seven touches before someone is ready to buy. Yes, seven!

As you can see, having a website, and receiving analytics is a win-win situation in any business. When you have this knowledge and statistics you are able to make better business decisions in your marketing and advertising. It’s easier to track your return on investment with these measurements as well. Here's an example for you: If I belong to a chamber of commerce, and notice that I've gotten 10 referrals from their website, and 2 of the referrals turned into a sale that more than paid for my yearly membership fee, then I know that it's worth the cost to belong.

My question to you is where is your website analytics report? And, if you are receiving a report, are you looking at it? Make sure that you are receiving analytics at least once a month, or even once per quarter. Analyze them and make decisions based on numbers, not on your gut feeling. If you need help with your website, it might be time to contact your website experts at Dynamic Designs Unlimited. Call us at 920-822-4450. We can help you with your design, with your site rankings or understand your analytics. Give us a call at your earliest convenience to make sure that you are on track with your marketing tactics. Check out all of our services here.