5 Tips to Help You Become a Better Salesperson

This spring, Blizzard Evelyn, April 15th, 2018, with over 15 inches of snow, a three-day storm that has kept many of us indoors. During this wonderful springtime event, I had some time to reflect on sales tactics that have worked over the years and I’d like to share with you five sales tips that you can try to gain clients and potentially increase your sales. Now, you’ll probably, think yeah, I knew that, but do I do that? That’s the key, here. Although some of these easy to do tactics you already know about. I’m just here to kick you in the butt, to actually push you to “dare, and be different.” Here are 5 tips on becoming a better salesperson:

Phone a client. Dare to be different. Call someone for the “heck of it”. In today’s world of texting, emails, and social media messaging, the phone doesn’t get as much use as it should. Whatever happened to talking to your clients for real, on the phone or in person? It’s that special touch that a lot of people don’t get, and it is definitely worth the call. Here’s what I suggest. Take a list of 20 of your best client’s this week, and make it a goal to call each and every one of them. Let them know you were thinking about them, and maybe thank them for their past business. Small talk, get personal and find out how they are doing, how their business is doing, and leave it at that. They will be pleasantly surprised that you weren’t calling to make a sales call, you just really wanted to let them know that you genuinely care about them. And at the end of the call, add this into the mix “is there anything else that I can do for you today”. Sometimes, believe it or not, it is a trigger. I’ll be honest, 6 times out of 10, I’ll have a client say, “yes, can you get me a quote on… or yes, can you place a reorder on…” It’s just another way to stay in front of your client.  Remember, if you aren’t visible, your competitor will find a way to be available.

Send a handwritten note. I can’t tell you how many times that someone has told me how nice it was that I sent them a note. This goes back to every interview that I’ve ever had, I’ve always sent a thank you note, and it makes an awesome impression on who receives it.  I make it a point each week to send out at least 5 notecards to people that I meet for the first time, the client’s that I’ve had an appointment with and potential clients. We all know this is great to do, but not too many people will do this. The results are amazing, and people remember you. Again, sales are not just selling a product, it’s selling yourself. Sales are about connecting with people. The goal is to create a relationship and to continue working on that relationship every chance you get.

Do your research. When you know more, you grow more, and you impress the client’s that you are trying to gain as well. First of all, knowing your potential target market is utterly important. Knowing who you need to reach is where you need to start. Use Google to search for information on the company or to find a company, and then get strategic and use Linkedin to find out who in that company may be someone that you need to reach out to. Linkedin has a great advanced search tool (even the free version) that can help you bypass the gatekeeper to any business or organization. Just recently, one of our clients was approached by a salesperson from a company, and they wanted to do business with our client. This person called our client and connected with him. Because of the research that he did, he knew exactly who to talk too. He also knew so much about our client, and his business, that it landed him his foot in the door for a presentation, and more than likely, he will get the job. It’s when salespeople call, and know nothing about your business and want to sell you something, that turns me off right away. Do your research first. It may take some time on the front end, but well worth it on the back end.

Help people for FREE. Yes, I know your time is valuable, however helping out people for free really is different. Show the world that you aren’t always about money, or about selling your products, dare to be different. In today’s world, everyone wants to make sure they get paid for what they are worth. However, by helping people out, you are providing that warm fuzzy. I love offering free marketing advice. We do this in our Live Facebook Posts “Motivational Monday” that we provide every single Monday. (Like our Facebook page and find out what I am talking about.)  We share ideas and products to help inspire clients. Another example; sharing information on what I believe are great apps, or sharing an article, or book. Another thought, maybe someone is struggling and needs help; I’ll give them resources or names of people that might be able to help them out. Think about helping people rather than selling a product to them. Listen to them, and find out what they are struggling with, what is their pain and how can you help them out. They’ll remember what you did for them, and how you helped them, and you’ll remain high on their list of people they know, like and trust. And trust me, when they are ready to buy, you’ll be one of the first ones they think about.

Follow the 5 Second Rule. If all else fails, count backward 5-4-3-2-1 and then do what you were thinking about doing originally. Sometimes it is difficult to do these things that seem easy to do. We can always find something easier to do or a reason not to do something. That is how our brains work.  I bring this up because it will help you achieve success. It’s those first 5 seconds that you’re thinking about doing something and then you don’t do it. I’m in the middle of the book “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins and literally, this is changing the way I get out of bed in the morning. Count backward 5-4-3-2-1, and whip the covers over your head, and get out of bed. This rule can help you with the basics. It can help you with your health/diet goals, family, and business. For example, if you are dreading making those 20 sales calls. You’re afraid of what your clients might say, or maybe you’ll be rejected. Count backward, 5-4-3-2-1 and pick up the phone and call. It’s immediate, and it works. Or maybe you see a client in the store, and you think, I should say “hi”, and then don’t. Or maybe, you’ve always wanted to obtain your Bachelor’s degree but felt like you just didn’t have the time.  The 5 Second Rule, will help you do things you wouldn’t have done. It will help you gain the confidence you wished you had. It will ultimately help you become a better salesperson and a better person. Read the book, and you’ll see for yourself. 5-4-3-2-1 Go for it today!

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