Case Study: Tired of getting lost in the mix on your potential client's desk? Here’s something you can try to stand out from the crowd.

If your client’s desk looks anything like my desk, and you drop off a sales quote or some flyers, it has the potential to get lost in the shuffle, right?  You need to stand out from your competition. There are many ways to do this in business.

One way that this can be accomplished is by creating a corporate identity package. An identity package might contain a folder, that includes company flyers, brochures, quotes and/or business card for potential clients.

In a recent case study, we did this. Wieber Machine, Inc. was looking to leave an impression long after a sales meeting with a client. The presentation folder that we created for them held contact information, a capabilities sheet, an educational precision flyer, and an about flyer that gave the potential client additional information about the company. The full-color presentation folder also contained business card slits on the inside pocket to hold a personalized business card.

Corporate identity packages help to market your business. When developing your corporate identity package you need to make sure that you keep the overall theme consistent. The folder design that we created for Wieber incorporated a folder from the company website as well. Colors, photos and your logo are all elements to think about as you are putting together your package. The main idea to remember is consistency. If you are consistent with your marketing, you are not going to confuse the end user. Remember Don Miller’s strategy from Building Your Story brand. “When you confuse, you lose.” Keep it simple, keep it focused.

When you want to seal the deal, think about how you are perceived by your client. Remember, first impressions count. Are you just handing them a bunch of estimates or brochures that have no rhyme or reason? Or do you just email information to your client with no follow up? When you combine a corporate identity package with a personal visit, followed up with an email that includes your website in your signature, or phone call, you are bettering your chances of capturing a new client. You are gaining their trust, and establishing a relationship, and that is what lasts in businesses, relationships.

What are you doing today to stand out from the crowd? Do you have an upcoming event that you’d like to attract potential clients to your booth? Or maybe you want to say thank you to a client you’ve just done some big business with? If you’re getting lost in this busy, over-crowded world we live in, you need to think about what you can do to stand out. You might need a little help with those creative juices, and if you do, Dynamic Designs Unlimited, LLC is here to help you jump ahead of your competition. If you’re looking for ideas, give us a call 920-822-4450 or email us at We are all about helping busy people find the right marketing solution for the target audience.