Track your water intake with this new product.

If you are looking for something new, or trendy, make sure you are watching our updates on the Joe Show. Joe shows the latest in industry trends and ideas that will inspire you to brand your business with promotional products. So, the next time you want to get people to your booth at a trade show, or you are sending a promotional campaign via the mail - check here for the latest. People love new and unique gifts. It's all about perception in our world.

Do you have a Health and Wellness program at your company? Here's the perfect gift for your employees. Track your water intake with the Hidrate Smart Water Bottle (ASI 60691) If you are into health or fitness, or that is your target industry, this new product should have appeal to you as well. Watch the video and find out what we are talking about. See what it's all about, and more.

If you watched the whole video, you'll have seen a few new products. Some that will knock your socks off, right.  Like the Sound Activated LED Badge (ASI 42016) - great for concerts or night-time events. Okay, are you in the car industry, car detailers, car wash business, convenience/gas stations - check out the automobile trash container (ASI 37586). We've got ideas that will keep your clients coming back, and will get you leads as well. There is more all in this one video. Stay tuned to the Joe Show.